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Dermatology takes care of the health of the skin. Being the most extended organ of the human body, the skin needs enough care and nourishment. Skin treatment is all about realistic expectations.

A specific condition may be eliminated. Some other states cannot be removed; rather, it can be slightly better. A skin doctor in Whitefield also examines the health of hair and nails.

What are the methods of treatment by a skin doctor? 

Specialized diagnostic procedures are used for treating the skin and prevention of diseases. Only medicines and lotions are not the only measures. Modern science and technology deal with advanced tools and pieces of equipment.

They are used to treat the condition within minimum time. Such treatments include but not restricted to Ultraviolet therapy, Internal medicines and injections, Dermatologic surgical procedures, Sclerotherapy, and skin exfoliation.

Possible reasons for visiting a dermatologist?

Visiting a dermatologist

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  • Acne:-Acne is the most common condition for which people go to dermatologists. There are certain medicines/capsules and ointments prescribed by the doctors in most of the cases. Acne problems are dangerous when dark patches appear on the layers of the skin.
  • Skin Cancer:-It is the most pathetic situation that requires enough qualified doctors. The patient is subjected to an array of treatment processes. Only medication is not sufficient to treat the condition of such a terrible situation like cancer. The doctors in sequential phases also perform surgeries and operations.
  • Eczema:-It is a chronic skin condition. Your skin suffers irritation and itchiness. There are flaky patches on the surface for which there are specific treatment methods by which this skin condition can be completely cured. A skin doctor will prescribe the necessary remedies for treating Eczema.
  • Skin damage:-There are conditions of damaged skin and aging skin. Here the primary thing is to avoid exposure to the damaging elements. The skin doctor prescribes some products for application on the surface. Specific changes in life-style also ensure the minimization of skin damage. The doctor also suggests it.
  • Scar treatment:-Scars can be of various kinds. A person suffering scars due to burning may be recommended to visit a plastic surgeon. But any general scars like acne scars and raised injuries can be cured by the dermatologists. The scars significantly distort the appearance of the body part.
  • Specialized care of skin, hair, and nails:-The patient can discuss any condition that is affecting him/her appearance. There are specific skin conditions like warts, discoloration, and stretch marks cured by the dermatologist. It does not require any special medical treatment. By consuming medicines and applying lotions, the issue can be cured to a great extent. 

Things to take care of before visiting the dermatologist

  1. The entire span of appointment can be divided into two parts. The first phase of the meeting must include a full-body exam. Next, a follow-up appointment is performed after the initial meeting.
  2. The person should avoid heavy cosmetic products and makeovers on the day of the office.
  3. It is essential to enlist all the questions and doubts that the person wants to discuss with the dermatologist.
  4. Many times, doctors prescribe steroids. In that case, the person should be well aware of the side effects of its medication.
  5. Medical cards and identification cards should be present at the place of appointment. They are essential documents for verification at the reception.
  6. Many gym freaks take supplements and medication. It should also be reminded to discuss all these issues with a doctor.
  7. The health insurance agent must be consulted before the appointment. It should clearly be defined by the agent what referrals and privileges are covered under the health scheme.

What training is given to the doctors for specializing in dermatology?


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After completing the degree in general medicine, specialty training, an internship is required. A general degree in dermatology examines the patients suffering from general skin problems.

But some doctors gain new knowledge through higher degrees, Pediatrics and cosmetic surgery are the two such areas where specialized training of dermatology is required.

Dedication, qualification, expertise, and experience are necessary for treating any skin hair and nail problems.


Dermatology is an essential branch of study in medical science. A good diet, proper hygiene, and a pollution-free environment are excellent sources for keeping the skin healthy.

The treatment runs for an extended period; hence enough patience is required. The person might have to visit the doctor to examine the improvement of the procedure. Clear skin also positively impacts the mental age of the person.

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