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Your skin makes up the largest organ of your body, forming a protective layer around your muscle tissues and maintaining the structural integrity of your body. While the skin makes most of your biological protection, it also has aesthetic functions that define the beauty of your physique. Similarly, your hair also plays a significant role in forming your physical appeal, establishing a key feature that compliments your natural look. While both possess regenerative properties to overcome wear, tear, and aging, they cannot sustain an optimum performance on their own and thus require care and proper nutrition to keep them healthy. In this blog, we will share 8 proven tips you can add in your lifestyle to maintain, or achieve glowing skin and healthy hair in the simplest means possible. These tips do not involve any complicated techniques, costly procedures or sophisticated ingredients but yield great results in minimum effort.

1. Drinking Water

Water makes 60% of our body’s total mass and must be replenished with 2 liters of daily intake. Drinking an adequate amount of water is imperative to several key functions of your body such as circulation, digestion, absorption and even excretion. If your skin does not get a sufficient amount of water, it will be forced into dehydration causing it to turn dry, tight and flaky. Dehydrated skin easily loses its elasticity and becomes highly prone to wrinkling. It also becomes susceptible to pimples as it fails to effectively remove toxins and waste products from the skin. Dehydration also affects your hair by weakening them and leaving them prone to breakages. A body running low on fluids will show poor quality of hair that lacks volume and shine.

2. Green Vegetables

Making a habit of eating green vegetables is a fast and effective way to boost the repair and recovery of skin and hair. Green vegetables are rich in vitamins and essential minerals required by your body’s cells for metabolism to support growth and repair. Spinach, for example, is high in Vitamin A and Iron which improves your blood’s capacity to carry oxygen into parts of the body for respiration.

3. Practicing Yoga

Unlike vigorous workouts that only aim to increase volume and definition of the body’s muscular outline, Yoga helps promote circulation of blood, relieves the body of stress and increases the production of healthy hormones. It focuses on postures that relieve stress from the body’s pressure points and improve the transport of nutrients to the skin and hair.

4. Drinking Green Tea

Benefits of drinking green are not only supported by late science but go way back in ancient civilizations when green tea was used as a medicine for its healing properties. Green tea not only imbues the body with energy and mental focus but helps in purifying of blood, flushing out of toxins, improving digestion and killing free radicals that harm the skin and hair. Green tea also stimulates hair growth and reduces hair loss.

5. Using a Mild Shampoo

Shampoos are mostly overlooked when the hair starts to lose its shine and strength, but are often the main culprits behind their depreciation. Most shampoos contain harsh chemicals called surfactants that sweep away the scalp from natural oils responsible for keeping the hair moisturized. These oils are essential for protecting the hair against damage from dust, smoke and harsh weather. So whenever you go to buy shampoo at the mart, make sure it has organic content and does not contain aggressive chemicals.

6. Using Mild Skin Cleanser

Like shampoos, using harsh and chemically aggressive soaps can aggravate your skin and increase the likelihood of acne breakouts. Using mild skin cleaners not only helps clean the pores from dirt but also helps soothe inflamed skin that is prone to acne. It also reduces the onset of wrinkles and fine lines by moisturizing the skin and letting the good oils stay.

7. Eating Ground Nuts

All nuts, in general, having beauty effects on skin and hair. Almonds, in particular, have been valued both in a nutritional and cultural context for their hair and skin benefits. Almonds are rich in Vitamin E which helps nourish the skin and soften it upon topical use. They have been proven to promote clear, acne-free skin and prevent degradation of collagen fibers in the skin. Being rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, almonds also aid in hair growth, helping it turn strong, soft and shiny. Almonds contain a high dosage of magnesium, an essential mineral that promotes healthy hair strands and prevents dryness of scalp.

8. Healthy Sleep

Getting good sleep is seldom talked about and yet alone is responsible for many hair-fall and skin damage cases. For many psychologists, sleep can be the closest thing to fountain of youth and without maintaining its right frequency, duration and quality your appearance will take a toll. When you sleep, your body boosts blood flow to the skin, helping it repair and recover. Moreover, it also produces collagen, a compound that fights skin sagging. Similarly, hair follicles also benefit from the blood flow, gaining essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to promote healthy hair growth.


Unlike most to-do lists that involve complicated practices and costly procedures, these 8 beauty tips are the simplest ways you can achieve beautiful skin and hair. Incorporate these simple diets and habits into your lifestyle, and you will experience an amazing difference.

About The Author:

Rami Jabali is a passionate fashionista and a certified beautician who runs a modern state of the art Nail Spa in Dubai. Over the years, Rami Jabeli has earned his reputation as one of the most respectable beauty experts in Dubai. He loves his job and offering the best possible services to his customers.

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