Vitamin E Benefits for Your Health

Vitamin E has massive health benefits for almost every system in your body, from the skin to the immune system. It is the shortened form of the drug tocopherol, and it can be taken in four different forms – you have a choice as to which one you want to use. Vitamin E provides protection against everything from pollution to eye disorders within your system – it is an incredibly versatile vitamin which is essential to overall health. The specific benefits of this vitamin come from it being an anti-oxidant and having the properties associated with that. Anti-oxidants are particularly effective against free radicals, which are what cause a lot of problems within our systems and cells, particularly as those cells get older.

Blood Thinning

Vitamin E can be used as a blood thinner, which is useful for people who have high cholesterol and another issue which can fur arteries and lead to blockages. Blood platelets will not clump so easily when there is vitamin E involved, and so the risk of heart disease will drop significantly.

Lowers Cholesterol

As well as benefiting people through thinning their blood, vitamin E can lower cholesterol. While cholesterol is a naturally occurring substance in the body, and we need some of it, too much of a certain kind of cholesterol can be bad for us, and lead to cardiovascular problems which need to be controlled. Oxidised cholesterol can be controlled by vitamin E because of its antioxidant properties. The oxidation is caused by free radicals, which vitamin E is particularly good at clearing out.

Skin care

Skin care is something that vitamin E is particularly good for due to its properties. The vitamin promotes blood flow to different areas of the body, which carries oxygenated blood to the surface constantly and keeps everything healthy.

The cellular regeneration is something which also means that vitamin E is useful healing scars and wrinkles. Vitamin E is often used in anti-aging creams, as it promotes healthier looking skin.

It can also help skin heal from injuries because it promotes healthy cellular regeneration. When you get a sunburn, applying vitamin E can be particularly effective since it is absorbed into the skin to do its work. (See also: Everything You Should Know About Natural Skin Care)

Hair Care

Vitamin E can be applied to the hair for a variety of effects – dry and dull hair can be pepped up by the absorption of the oil, while a dry scalp is also benefited from its application. Massage the vitamin E in for best results, and it will help both skin and hair to retain needed moisture. If you put vitamin E on your hair regularly, then it can help to avoid environmental damage, if you live in a particularly dry area.

Vitamin E has a huge number of benefits because its structure allows it to be used in a huge number of different systems. From skin to eyes, vitamin E is indispensable for overall health and should be a daily part of everyone’s routine. (See also: 5 Mistakes When Taking Hair Growth Vitamins and Supplements)

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