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Spas have been known as places to promote relaxation, rejuvenation and somehow a renewed sense of purpose. So, when most people want to de-stress from their workload and other side journeys, you can often find them at a spa. The truth is, the spa offers a lot of benefits. However, some people are hesitant to get a massage because of the different myths and misconceptions associated with it.

Read on and be surprised with the fact that what you believe in about massage for years is wrong as we debunk them one by one. Below are some infamous myths that have been circulating since then and the truth behind every myth:

  1. Exposure

Some people become timorous upon going to the spa because they are not comfortable taking their clothes off in front of somebody they do not know. If you are feeling the same way, worry no more and know that therapists are trained to have proper draping techniques, and you will be the one to decide about the amount of clothing you will wear. You can even be fully clothed if you prefer!

  1. Body Image Issues

If you are shy of your body image that’s why you are not visiting the nearest spa, remember that therapists are not judgmental – they are open-minded individuals. They tend to see so many bodies every day of their lives in spas, so the chances of remembering what your body looks like are significantly insignificant. They even have a network of local specialists to refer to you if you have special needs.

  1. It’s Too Expensive

Cost can be very subjective to different people. What is expensive to you may be cheap for other people. If you do not have an allocation for a trip to the spa, you can sacrifice something for it. With the benefits, a session of the spa can give you, it will definitely worth it to sacrifice one movie night, or a couple of dinners just to have enough money to get a massage.

  1. Massage Hurts

You are probably thinking of this because you’ve been hurt by having a massage before. What you don’t know is therapist offers a variety of pressures depending on the type of massage. If the therapist is putting too much pressure, you only have to ask him to loosen up force so you can relax. Do not be afraid to speak up so the therapist can adjust accordingly, open communication with your therapy can really be the key to have a relaxing massage. Swedish massage is commonly more relaxing. Just do not forget to tell your therapist what you want on that particular session.

  1. I Need to go to the Therapist Often to Get Any Results

While it is true that you may have to get a regular massage schedule if you have a specific condition like back pains or plantar fasciitis. Inform your therapist so they know your condition and focus on your ailment so you will need a fewer massage session.

  1. Gender Bias

Woman at the Spa

Women are more interested in having a massage, according to statistics the ratio is 80:20. But that is not the case anymore. Men are already getting more health conscious as time goes by. Those who are hooked on sports also seek massage to help them stay fit.

  1. Drink Lots of Water

Many people are still believing that massage can flush toxins out of your body. While it can help regulate your blood circulation, there is still no scientific proof that it can help you get rid of toxins in your body. We can get rid of those wastes through sweating, peeing, or other ways. And the part that is responsible for flushing the toxins are kidneys, liver, and skin. And what massage do is it increase the blood supply to these parts. So drinking water is really a pleasant thing to do after a massage.

  1. Prenatal Massage is Dangerous

Having a massage while you are pregnant is safe. There are already researches and studies that were conducted to prove this fact. Just try to look for a therapist that is already familiar with prenatal massage. The truth is, it can really be beneficial because it can help you cope with the physical and mental stress that pregnancy can bring you. Same goes with post-natal massage. Talk to a massage expert so you can discuss with each other what you specifically need depending on your symptoms. By doing this, they will adjust their massage to fit your needs.

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Alexe Chasanov is an outreach community specialist for Zensoft PH, a salon, and spa software, provider. She’s working with a startup company to help them in their marketing and growth hacking efforts. She loves blogging, shopping online, and anything beauty and style.

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