The most crucial part of your mouth is the bones that make up your face and jaw. They are responsible for giving shape to your jaw, teeth support, and gum health. Bone loss is the most common problem that plagues this part of your mouth and any problem associated with this side of your mouth is treated using complex orthopedic surgery. The specialty is called Dentofacial Orthopedics and all treatments involved with this field require a dentist who specializes in this sector.

What is Dentofacial Orthopedics?

All treatments in this field are strictly surgical. This requires surgeons who are specially qualified to handle operations such as these. Since the treatments involve bones of the face, mouth, and jaw, any slip up can result in more problems than initially the case. Dentofacial Orthopedics can help restore the bones in your mouth if they have been damaged, decayed, or simply lost on account of the poor condition of your dental health. From bone grafts to complex maxillofacial surgeries, this field requires specialists who are exclusively trained to handle these surgeries.

Treatments for both children and adults

The treatments in this field are different for children and adults. This is because the bone growth and shifts are monitored easily in children thanks to their growth. In adults, the bones have already grown to a maximum and a lot of tricks and tweaks are needed to treat those conditions. Even TMJ disorders, which are associated with the joint that operates the movement of your jaw, are treated easily with Dentofacial Orthopedics.

This is most commonly used to monitor the bone growth in children. It is a key aspect of ensuring that your child’s dental health is kept an optimum during the growth process. It will help shape your child’s dental structure from scratch. Since all the adult teeth will not have grown, the dentist can help avoid crowding and other problems when the milk teeth fall out. In adults, this monitoring is difficult as growth does not occur, and surgery is required to fix any problems with the bones.

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Dispersing the myths

There are several myths associated with this form of treatment. This treatment applies to all patients who are looking to normalize their dental health and as a contingency for future problems. In children, the bones haven’t hardened yet and therefore can be easily controlled and monitored without surgery. Treatments that require surgery are reserved strictly for adults for whom the growth have stopped and cannot be monitored without invasive procedures.

Bite alignment and bite therapy is an important part of Dentofacial orthopedics as it helps treat an uneven bite. These therapies can help fix a misaligned jaw and help restore your teeth to normal functioning. If you have been facing TMJ problems, they can also be treated using these processes. In children, it is easier to shape the jaw to emulate proper bite alignment without invasive process as their bones are still growing. This treatment is performed using minimal appliances.

The aftermath and benefits

In children, an acceptable mode of treatment for fixing jaw and dental alignments are often performed using braces. It is the perfect device for treating crooked teeth in children. It’s positively painless, and aesthetics won’t be a problem too soon which makes it ideal for bones that are still growing. Once the treatment is successful and complete, you will be left with that beautiful smile that you wanted. The benefits are that you are not likely to experience any further problems with your jaw and teeth in the future. You will always retain that healthy set of teeth, but you will need to maintain them with proper oral hygiene.

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