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Amongst the variety of herbal teas in the market that claim to help in the reduction of bloat and detox, there is also the flat tummy tea.

A lot of social media influencers have gone out of their way to promote these teas with the promise that it gives you a flat tummy. Before you jump into it, you should know that celebrities are far from being a research scientist.

Most detox teas today are usually filled with laxatives as well as diuretics which if taken naturally will result in loss of weight – weight loss shouldn’t be mistaken for fat loss.

So what’s the deal? Are there teas that give you a flat tummy?

The answer is yes! Listed below, are some ingredients that you’ll find in a tea that helps reduce belly fat.

Lemon Balm Leaf

The lemon balm leaf comes from the family of mint, and for a very long time served the purpose of solving digestive problems. These problems include intestinal gas, upset stomach, bloating, colic, vomiting. It also helps in pains such as headaches, menstrual cramps, toothache, and a few other mental disorders.


The cleavers which can also be spelled as clivers aid in the increase of urine flow to relieve the retention of fluid

The peppermint leaf

The peppermint leaf is usually helpful also in solving problems relating to digestion. Eg. Nausea, heartburn, and even irritable bowel syndrome. It can also have a laxative effect on your body, but this is solely dependent on the amount you consume.

Dandelion leaf

The dandelion leaf will make you urinate and also has laxative effects that increase the movement o your bowel. In some cases, it increases appetite.


The caraway is another ingredient that helps in solving digestive problems with includes the loss of appetite, bloating, heartburn, mild spams of the intestines and stomach, etc. the caraway may also carry out some laxative functions, to relieve constipation.

Fennel seed

The fennel seed is used by mouth for solving digestive problems in both adults and infants. Some of these digestive problems include intestinal gas, loss of appetite, colic, etc.

Green Tea Leaf

The Green tea leaf contains little amount of caffeine which helps you suppress appetite by giving you some feeling of pee in your step.

Cardamon leaf

The cardamom leaf carries out some laxative effect on the body and has been known for the ability to cure digestion problems such as heartburn, intestinal spasms, diarrhea, constipation, gallbladder complaints and loss of appetite. (See also: 8 Best Bedtime Herbal Teas That Promotes Better Sleep)

Senna leaf

One of the active components pf the senna leaf is the sennosides. This component stimulates the bowel and also has some laxative effects on the body.

The licorice

The licorice in most cases has been discovered to help people who take it solve some irritable bowel syndrome. It does this by soothing the inflamed tissues and helps in muscle relaxing by releasing some mild laxatives effect on the bowels.

Now its time to look deep into flat belly teas and see if they help in the reduction or burning of belly fat.


Most times, when you get teatox or flat belly teas, it is advisable, not to stay far from the toilet. Tease such as this is usually high on laxatives and diuretic which implies you’ll have constant use of the bathroom.

The truth to this is, when you visit the toilets constantly because of these teas, it doesn’t relay mean you’re cleansing your body. Mind you the urination and defecation are both normal processes that your body should go through. There might be some reduction in scale weight, but that reduction is caused by loss of water in the body which has been mistaken for fat loss. Once you stop taking the tea, the weight comes back.


This is one common promise when you get detox tea or you decide to teatox. If you’re looking to take detox teas with the aim that they will serve as a magic pill for the reduction of fat, then you’ll end up being disappointed. As you take these teas, to achieve the desired result, you need to put down those chips and burger, and start eating healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, and start being more active if you need the fat to go away.


That is 100% accurate. In as much as the detox product contains laxative and diuretic, it is bound to help you reduce water retention. Most people choose to go over the counter at a pharmacy to get other alternatives for this, but using detox teas is in most cases healthier.


With this claim, questions such as: how does this help in maintaining the immune system? What ingredients make this possible? How do these teas react with the immune system? The answer to the question is: most teatox teas contain a lot of amazing and healthy ingredients that do a lot of improvement in the body of which maintenance of the immune system should be one of them.


Loss of weight caused by the intake of diuretics should not be mistaken for loss of fat. This tea helps you reduce the water in your system, and even your tummy, but will require some other effort such as exercise to lose hat fat as you’d want.


Detox teas and teas that heps in reducing tummy fat posses some ingredients that help detoxify the body. When I mean detoxify the body, I mean it helps in getting rid of toxins that accumulate in the body.

You do not only get a flat tummy with detox, but you also get a healthy body!

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