Empty Stomach Necessary for Ultrasound

Medical science has made many inventions for the betterment of human health. One such invention is ultrasound.

In ultrasound techniques, high-energy sound waves are sent to our body with the help of an appropriate machine, to check for the issues within our body. These high-intensity sound waves function as making echoes within our body.

As a result, images of our inside body parts, like different organs and tissues, appear on the computer screen. This image helps doctors to diagnose the problem in our internal organs.

Some of the risky treatments like the occurrence of tumors, issues with the gallbladder, kidney problems, appendix, and many more can be diagnosed only by performing ultrasound techniques.

Even during pregnancy, the doctor advised us to do several ultrasounds to check on the unborn baby’s health.

Do we need to keep an empty stomach for an ultrasound?

Partially yes, as most ultrasounds should be made while our stomach is empty. Your pathologist may advise you to eat or drink before 8hrs. of your ultrasound appointment and keep an empty stomach after that.

While medication can be taken during this period with little consumption of water. If the ultrasound of the pelvis is to be done, in that scenario you should be advised to drink approx 32 ounces of water a few minutes before the examination.

Keeping an empty stomach is important as the undigested food contents and urine in the bladder can prevent the ultrasound waves to create clear images of the internal organs.

Though there are several ultrasound processes such as Doppler study, anomaly scan, etc. which don’t need an empty stomach for the test.

Different centers for radiology Narellan are available, which can guide you regarding different ultrasound processes. You can directly consult them regarding the importance of keeping an empty stomach during the ultrasound.

Is ultrasound safe?

Is ultrasound safe

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Do we often wonder whether frequent ultrasound examinations have any adverse effect on our health?

Exposure to radiation can be really harmful to our bodies. But you don’t need to worry as ultrasound techniques use low-power sound waves for the examination of our inside body.

Hence it is extremely safe and secure for our health.

How much can ultrasound charge you?

Different ultrasound procedures can charge you differently. However, you must make sure that the radiology center you choose for the USG process is reliable and can produce accurate results.

There are many reliable centers for radiology in Narellan that you can entrust with accurate results of your ultrasound examination.

They are also very much cost-friendly for you.

How much time is required for an ultrasound examination?

Though you can’t take any food for at least 8 hours for a successful ultrasound examination, you don’t have to wait any longer than that. As ultrasound examination doesn’t take much time to complete.

Usually, a USG examination is performed within 30 minutes. Some typical

USG procedures might take 1 hour time to complete but not more than that. After your examination is done, you can immediately eat or drink.

There are different radiology centers at Narellan, that are in this profession for a long time.

You can consult any of them for further information regarding ultrasound examination, different types of ultrasound, charges of tests, report delivery timing, etc.

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