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The goal is to avoid a vaping battery explosion, isn’t it? So keeping that in mind, here are the do’s and don’ts for vaping battery safety. If you’re a vaping enthusiast, it’s important to focus on safety. And it doesn’t hurt to have access to a little bit of knowledge as well.

But before I begin, you should know that cases of batteries exploding are pretty rare. Even so, it’s always a better idea to know how to avoid it when the situation can be averted quite easily.

Vaping Battery: What you need to know before reading on


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The battery of a vaporizer is just like any battery you use on a daily basis. In fact, it’s no different than the battery you hold next to your ear to make or receive phone calls.

The thing about vape battery manufacturers is that they create different sizes and shapes. More often than not, these have a lithium ion construction. Such a material provides tons of power. And that is why it’s also found in tablets, laptops, and other electronic devices.

And as far as electronic devices are concerned, there’s always the chance of fires or explosions. So I don’t see why it’s any different with vapes.

Earlier when I compared vape and cell phone batteries, I forgot to list the major difference. Phone batteries make use of customized lithium ions. These are specifically created to meet the demands of the user.

But in the case of vaporizer batteries, they work differently. And that’s because these are not approved by manufacturers. What this means is that many vapers choose batteries all on their own. And some of them do so to personalize their devices so they can achieve larger vape clouds and more power.

And doing something like that increases the chances of accidents. So a vaping battery explosion is the result of poor quality/cheap products or incorrect use.

The Do’s And Don’ts forVaping Battery Safety: The Do’s


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  • Purchase a high-quality smart charger

When batteries discharge or overcharge, it can lead to explosions. But when you use a smart charger instead of any regular version, the experience becomes safer.

  • Use a proper charging cable

Every vaping device comes with a particular type of a cable. So switching to another cable might cause problems as it may not have the same voltage as your battery. And when that happens, the unit tends to overheat.

  • Buy a top quality vape

Investing in the right kind of vape means reducing the chances of explosions. The market contains both high-quality and cheap-made products. So you have to make it a point to choose the better model.

  • Get a battery case

Carrying batteries is something that you should do in a proper battery case. Don’t leave them loose in the bag or your pocket. When a battery comes in direct contact with any metal objects, it can cause a dangerous explosion. This happens as a result of the interaction completing a circuit between a negative and a positive.

  • Take the weather into consideration

Fluctuating temperatures, which means extreme heat or cold can damage the battery. And this makes up as one of the most common causes of explosions. A safe temperature means anything between 115 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

If your vaporizer doesn’t have an integrated battery, you get the opportunity to buy one. In that case, please make sure that you purchase a high-quality 18650 battery. And that too from a reputable brand.

The Do’s And Don’ts for Vaping Battery Safety: The Don’ts

  • Avoid overcharging the battery

Failing to do so eliminates the safety factor. Well-constructed mods come with a function that cuts off charge once full. But sometimes such a feature ceases to work.

So it’s always a better idea to keep a check on the vape when it’s charging. This means making it a point to not charge the battery during nighttime when you’re more likely to fall asleep.

  • Avoid over-discharging the battery

Overcharging and over-discharging the battery are equally harmful. The latter tends to weaken the battery to a great extent, which causes severe damage.

  • Stay away from damaged batteries

When you use a damaged battery, you are deliberately jeopardizing safety. So it’s best to keep away from frayed, damaged, or unable-to-keep-charge battery.

  • Don’t exceed battery amps

When talking about battery safety, it’s important to understand Ohm’s Law. Divide the amps by the ohm and make it a point to not exceed that rating.

  • Don’t experiment with different battery chargers or batteries

Mixing and matching different chargers and batteries is a bad idea. So don’t indulge in such a practice no matter how alike they all are in appearance. And that’s because the charger’s voltage output is not always the same as the battery. This can cause damage, which leads to explosions.

  • Don’t charge the device on anything flammable

Even resting the mod on a flammable surface or exposing it to sunlight is dangerous. So avoid leaving or charging the battery by the window or in the car for a long period of time.

Now You Know!

The most important thing to understand is that batteries are not created to fail. So whenever they do, the cause is always due to user error. And that means the situation is something that you can avert. Hence, I put together the do’s and don’ts for vaping battery safety.

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I hope you found the content useful and informative. And I hope you stop by again soon!

Have a great day!

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