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A swim spa is a fantastic investment for your physical and mental health. You can get a cardio workout by doing laps or running against the current or you can soak in the hot tub end to unwind.

Perhaps the best part of a swim spa is you can enjoy it all year round, especially in winter! If you’ve been puzzling over how to best use your swim spa in winter, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our best tips and tricks below.

Change the Water Early

Before winter hits, check your cleaning schedule to see if your spa is due to be emptied in the middle of the season. If it is, you’re better off changing the water before temperatures drop to below freezing.

Leave the Heat On

For those of you planning to use your swim spa heavily in the winter, you’re better off leaving the heat on round the clock and bumping it up a few degrees right before you plan on getting in. There’s also a practical reason to leave the heat on – freezing temperatures in winter can cause damage to various hot tub components, leaving you footing a bill of several hundred dollars for repairs.

Cover It Up

The last thing you want is to let all that heat get out. To lock the heat into your swim spa, get a lockable, insulated cover. Each time you finish using the tub, be sure to recover your swim spa.

Keep Bathers Warm

Perhaps the least enjoyable part of using a swim spa in winter is getting your back door and the spa. A way to ease the shock of walking out into the cold is to have a stack of fuzzy bathrobes and towels situated right by the door. It’s important to feel comfortable and protected when strolling around the halls. A fluffy bathrobe is the only gear you will need for that during your spa excursion. It will replace thin, cold clothes and help keep you embraced in glorious warmth. As you and your fellow bathers want to use the swim spa, you can easily grab what you need and head out to the spa. Bonus points if you toss the bathrobes in the dryer a few minutes before heading out. Double bonus points if you prepare a thermos of hot cocoa.

Take Stock of Your Chemicals

If you’re ever in a situation where you’re snowed in, it can be hard to get to the store for more swim spa chemicals. Before the first major snowstorm hits, take stock of your swim spa chemicals to see what you might run out of in the next few months. Next time you’re at your local hardware store or swim spa dealer, pick up what you need for the winter months.

Do Winter Right

Making the most of your swim spa in the winter is a reward in and of itself. You’ll maximize your investment and get to enjoy being outside even during the coldest months.

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