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Call it self-love or anything else, we all have been under great stress to get that flawless model like skin. Of course, there are innumerable therapies to get perfect skin but they all are uncertain as well as expensive. Then comes the alternate which is natural, cheaper than the skin cosmetic treatments and more effective in comparison.

It is a universally acknowledged fact that the food we eat directly affects our body and skin. The nutrients and vitamins contained in the fruits & vegetables are incomparable to any of the artificial tactics. Let us take a note of some rich fruits which can better your skin once added to the everyday diet. Attention! This is going to get you the skin you always wanted, that no pigmentation, no black spots, no uneven but flawless skin. But, one is supposed to follow the diet strictly.

#1. Lemons – Demons for Skin problems

The flag bearer of Vitamin-C, lemons can be called the natural beauty agents fighting the battle against bacteria. Known as the natural bleaching agents, a lemon can make you get fairer skin but also removes the pigmenting toxins from the skin. Be it acne scars, uneven skin or dark spots, this fruit can solve the purpose just like that.

There are multiple ways to add lemons to the diet for maximum benefits but the most effective is consuming 1 lemon with the ½ teaspoon of honey in one glass of water every morning. Moreover, this also helps the body reduce extra fat in just a few weeks. You can also consume lemon with your every-meal salad or just dap it directly to the skin with rose water and cotton. Indulge good lemons in your diet and see how the demonic skin problems lie dead in a while.

#2. Papaya- with the antibacterial properties

Easily available, cheaper, tasty and extremely beneficial. What else do you want? The next fruit which you can add to your diet for better skin is Papaya. This fruit is known for its antibacterial features which also keep infections and viral causing fungus away. The fruit consists of good enzymes like papain and chymopapain that do all the work of preventing damage to the skin. The doctors also stated that this fruit is capable of curing skin ulcers or treat wounds.

The best way to consume papaya is to have a bowl full of breakfast. Make up a fruit salad, add papaya, some seasoning and relies on while it aids your skin. One can also apply papaya as a face pack with lemon and turmeric to cure dry and flaky skin.

#3. Doctor’s enemy? Apples!

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away!” cannot deny that we have grown being taught how apples can make us healthier and stronger. An apple doesn’t just keep the doctor away but also keep several skin problems away. Apples are rich in fiber and antioxidants which cures tissue damage, lighten skin making it smooth and brighter. Also, it has a large portion of collagen which focuses on making the skin flawless and youthful.

Have an apple in your breakfast, make a salad or apple smoothie, as and what tastes good to you. Moreover, one glass of apple juice daily can also facilitate the consumers with high benefits to make the skin blush and smooth. Besides these, Apples can also prevent the skin from harmful UV rays. Apple cider vinegar also helps get rid of extra skin oil which causes pimples.

#4. Avocados for healthy aging

Avocados are the unusually tasty fruits, rich in Vitamin E, A, C, K and many more. This fruit is high in good fats which don’t harm the body but benefits its functioning. The fat contained in Avocados is necessary for the body as it makes the skin flexible and moisturized causing the aging process to move slow. There is Vitamin E and Vitamin C in Avocados which, combined together, creates collagen acting as the sole structural protein to make the skin strong.

Take out the avocado seed, scoop out the green part and make a paste of this. Add yogurt to it and mix. Consuming this is the best way giving all the rich proteins. One can also consume this in Smoothies, salads etc. Exciting? Isn’t it? Making your task even easy, the online groceries stores are providing all the good quality fruits at apparently discounted prices. You can grab a handful of fresh fruits under Bigbasket offers and get amazing discounts. See? Fruits are cheaper, convenient and way more benefiting than your cosmetics!

#5. Pulping the good- Oranges!

Last but not the least, Oranges are citric acid rich fruits which, like lemons, removes toxic elements from the skin making it brighter and beautiful. Also, like apple and avocados, Orange to has collagen which initiates to slow down the aging process. This pulpy, juicy and yummy fruit is loved by all but some might not be aware of the goodness and richness it can provide. Dried oranges or the peels can also be used as face packs for brighter & lighter skin.

Consuming 1 orange in breakfast can be very benefiting. You can also draw the juice out and consume it or make a good fruit salad. Take out the orange peels, dry them in sun, make powder of this. Add milk to the powder and apply twice a day. Thank us later!

This is just a glimpse of what fruits can help you with. There are plenty of tasty fruits which can make your skin exfoliated as well as detoxed. Having a bowl full of fruits as dinner is very benefiting because you will not be worried about digestion and it is naturally good too. Start today, go and have a good fruit juice or salad. Do not just feed to stomach, feed the skin as well. Never say that healthy cannot be tasty as these fruits might get offended! (Laughs)

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