Nowadays, people are bombed by information about heart health and how to prevent cardiovascular diseases. There is a good reason for that since various cardiovascular diseases are on the top of the list of death causes in almost every country in the world.

It is said that a healthy heart comes as a consequence of a healthy lifestyle. However, in these hectic times, a complete change of people’s routines and habits is not an easy task to do.

On the other hand, some of the best ways to protect yourself from different heart diseases, including a heart attack, stroke, and many others, has nothing to do with going to the doctors. There are simple steps you can follow in order to get both a healthy heart and happier life. You have control over your life, so embrace it and do something really great for yourself.

By implementing the following daily routine, you will face the benefits in a relatively short period.

1. Have an Adequate Sleep

The quality of your sleep doesn’t only affect the rest of your day but also the overall health of your body and mind. It is important that you sleep between 7-9 hours every day since while you are sleeping your whole body regenerates, and your heart rests. If you don’t sleep enough, you are at risk of causing high blood pressure and inflammation.

Also, people who don’t have a good quality sleep tend to be more nervous and can’t cope up with stress. So, why wouldn’t you avoid this and wake up well-rested and in a good mood every single day?

2. Have a Good Breakfast

Although you were sleeping, your body wasn’t. Nevertheless, it was regenerating all night. The body uses energy for regeneration too, so in the morning you have to bring that energy back.

Start your day with a nutritious, healthy breakfast. Be careful which food you are giving to your body. You think twice about the type of fuel that you fill your car with, right? Well, this is the same, just way more important for you.

In order to have a healthy heart, you should eat more fiber, which is great to start a day with. Wholemeal bread, oats, and whole grain cereals are just some of the foods which contain a lot of fiber.

Be more friendly with fruits and veggies! On the other hand, you can break up with salt and saturated fats right away.

3. Walk

Usually after having breakfast people tend to hurry to get to work. Here is an excellent way to make a change – instead of driving to work, walk! Even a few blocks if it is far away from your home. Taking the stairs instead of a lift would also be a huge plus.

Being physically active only half an hour every day will do miracles for your overall health, especially cardiovascular system. In addition, when doing any type of exercise, your body releases endorphins which are substances responsible for your great mood.

Remember, just half an hour of any physical activity which suits you best. No matter how simple or easy it is. Doing at least something instead of nothing is always a better choice.

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4. Have a Tea Break

People spend at least 8 hours at work every day. Of course, it can be very stressful and tiring, and that is why many of them choose not to go out for a lunch break but eat food delivered from the nearest fast food restaurant. Not to mention the number of coffee drunk per day.

Now, if you would only replace coffee with green tea, you would literally heal your body. Drinking green tea lowers bad cholesterol as well as blood pressure. Having just 2-3 cups of green tea per day will help you reduce the risk of developing any cardiovascular disease.

5. Enjoy the Silence

When spending almost all day in an office or at work in general, it is impossible to keep the highest level of productivity throughout the day. Your head is full of different information, and you face a lot of stressful situations.

Considering that stress is the worst energy you can give to your heart, you have to learn to calm your mind for at least 15 minutes. Turn off all the devices, close your eyes and just breathe. This exercise will help you reduce the stress level and refresh your body completely.

6. Relax

Now, when the working day is over, and you get home, just relax! You certainly have some activity that you enjoy. Cooking, reading a book, listening to music or maybe coloring? Anything you like.

Doing this for half an hour after work each day will relax you completely and make you forget about all the bad situations from that day, even for a moment. Any kind of relaxation is helpful in preventing heart diseases.

7. Raise a Glass

As for the final step of this healthy daily routine, have a glass of wine. Seriously! Only one glass of wine in the evening may help raise your level of good cholesterol, HDL. It can also prevent artery damage and clot formation.

It is perfectly understandable that you cannot implement all the steps into your daily routine right away. But start with one or two and then increase the number of actions after a while. It is also normal that you sometimes forget to do something. In order to prevent this from happening, choose a reminder that suits you best. If you spend almost all day in the office, maybe you should consider having some healthy heart motivational posters. It can’t hurt, right?

About The Author:

Katrina McKinnon is the Community Outreach Manager for Alsco Australia. Alsco offers fully-managed services to help organizations maintain a cleaner, healthier and safer workplace.

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