Fight Against Coronavirus

Coronavirus is a serious global problem. It is by far the largest health crisis in this generation. The world has been dealing with this pandemic for more than a year now. A lot of people were affected; some cost their jobs while some cost their lives.

A series of protocols and measures have been released and implemented to stop the spread of the said virus. Each set of protocols differs from country to country.

It depends on the extent of the transmission of the virus, the number of cases reported, and so on. But the overall goal of these protocols is the same: fighting this pandemic.

Protocols to Fight the Coronavirus

As the cases worsen, there are some guidelines given out to keep the public safe.

1. Wearing Face Masks or Face Coverings

As the pandemic started, it was vigorously implemented that everyone was asked to wear a face mask or face covering when going out. May it be going out for a grocery, running some errands, and a lot more, or contacting other people for precautionary and safety measures.

Face masks or face coverings should fit snugly but comfortably, and they should be worn properly at all times. It should cover from the nose bridge down to the chin, and the loops should be securely hooked on both ears, or some would use a tie behind the head.

2. Social distancing

The virus is spread through droplet contact which means that any contact with the infected person’s body fluid would likely contact the virus.

Thus, social distancing was strongly implemented people should maintain social distancing or others may call it ‘physical distancing’ and avoid crowded places.

People can spread the virus without being sick or knowing they are sick, so it is important to practice physical distancing from others whenever possible. It is enforced that people should maintain at least three feet distance or about an arm’s length to maintain a proper social distance, especially in public places.

3. Staying at Home

The lesser the exposure to other people, the lesser the risk of contracting the virus. That is why it is highly suggested that if there are no vital reasons for going out, it is best to stay at home.

Some schools already shifted their face-to-face classes to online classes to minimize the exposure of students to each other. Some offices implemented a work from a home arrangement for their employees. Some countries are on lockdown and only allow their locals to go out at a specific kilometer.

The fewer people you’re around or get in contact with, the lower the chance of infection. Staying at home would benefit not only oneself but also the welfare of one’s family or the people you live with.

This battle with the coronavirus seemed unending and quite a little too difficult to win over. Certain measures need to be taken, but most importantly, to win this battle, it takes each of us to put on an effort.

Each and everyone can take part in ending this pandemic. The little things people practice will likely contribute a lot to society in dealing with this global crisis.

Best Practices to Keep Safe During the Pandemic

Best Practices Pandemic

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You have to keep yourself and your family safe during the pandemic. Thus, it is right to do these best practices frequently. Remind each other to religiously do these practices.

1. Proper Hand Hygiene

One can help stop the transmission by practicing regular proper hand hygiene. The naked eye cannot see the virus. Thus it is of big help to regularly sanitize one’s hands prior to touching one’s face, before and after eating, after sneezing, after leaving a public place, and many more.

It is best to sanitize one’s hands with soap and water, alcohol, or sanitizers, whichever is feasible. When using soap and water, observe proper handwashing for at least 20 seconds. And when there is a need to go out, it is suggested to bring alcohol or hand sanitizers along to sanitize while out frequently.

2. Following the Health Protocols

Whether it is to wear face masks and face shields, practice social distancing, or stay at home, whatever is implemented by the local governments, it is best to follow these guidelines to help minimize the risk of spreading the virus.

Following these rules would help lower the infection rate, keep oneself and one’s family safe, and would also contribute to avoiding overwhelming the healthcare system.

3. Maintain a Clean Home

Home is where one stays. It is where we find comfort amidst this pandemic. Thus it is important to keep it clean and always sanitized, especially with the crisis people all over the globe are dealing with.

And with the guidelines implemented, routine cleaning and disinfecting are essential in reducing the risk of exposure to the coronavirus. This is why it is important to do deep house cleaning to ensure disinfection of one’s home.

Deep cleaning of the house assures that every corner, every surface, exterior to interior,  is thoroughly and intensively cleaned.

Deep cleaning can cost a lot of effort because of its complexity. But there are tips all over the internet on doing deep house cleaning, which can guide you if you attempt to. One can also hire a trusted maid, leaving the cleaning to the expert.

The fight against coronavirus really is difficult. But suppose one sees to it that the protocols implemented by the different government sectors are followed.

One practice discipline in practicing precautions, no matter how simple or complex the precaution is. In that case, it already contributes a lot of help in the goal of ending this pandemic. 

The fight against the coronavirus may seem to be unending. That is why one must contribute help personally by practicing the safety health guidelines to help lower the spread of the virus. It is the only way to keep oneself, and most importantly, one’s family and loved ones, safe from this pandemic.

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