Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is a design infectious disease that just outbreaks to the global boundaries and became the reason for thousands of death till now stop the patient having Coronavirus will seem respiratory problem or normal symptoms of cold or illness but it is not as light as its symptoms are.

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Count Of Infected Patients In Some Countries-:

Coronavirus outbreak in 190 + countries and became a big issue and stress for the whole world. Shop now and get additional cashback as well.

Nothing is important than saving you and your loved one’s life. Stay home stay hygienic & stay safe. This is the best way to protect you and your family from the terror of this deadly virus.

Check About The Latest Count Of Patients Infected By It-:

CountryInfected patientsRecovered patients

 Be aware of its symptoms-:

 Coronavirus imbibes general symptoms. It can take from 2 to 14 days for Coronavirus to develop its symptoms in the human body. Get to know about it as soon as you can.

  • Fever – Coronavirus infected person will first be infected with the fever of hundred degrees Fahrenheit
  • Cough – Cough and sneezing are the major symptoms of Coronavirus.
  • Breathlessness – Coronavirus majorly affects the breath of the person. Coronavirus infected persons will feel a shortage of breath.

It is an appeal to all that if in any case any of the symptoms are seen in your or your any closed one’s body then immediately consult a doctor. It will help you to save not only yours but you’re closed one life as well.

Which age groups have a greater risk of getting infected? 

The age groups lines from 0-5 age for 65 + have the major danger of becoming the prey of this deadly virus so it’s very important for them to take precautions.

This government has been taking a lot of steps like a free medical checkup, basic needs products free of cost, complete lockdown in the whole country. We just have to obey government orders in order to save us and pour loved one’s life.

What precautions can be taken to cure the disease? 

List of some basic and easy precautions that are needed to be taken by all in order to prevent there and their close ones live from this dangerous disease COVID-19.

  • Keep on washing your hands. Wash your hands often in a day with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. After touching anything suspicious or after doing any unusual activity like coughing and sneezing it is necessary to wash your hands.
  • The use of sanitizers can also be a good substitute for hand wash A full stop keeps a bottle of sanitizer all the time and the use of alcohol-based sanitizer is suggested. So keep your hands sanitized.
  • Avoid touching your mouth, nose, and eyes as the jobs in your hands can transmit within your body.
  • Avoid going to overcrowded areas and obey the slogan passed by the government to stay home stay safe.
  • Don’t ever come in contact with any kind of infected person. Isolation is the best remedy today.
  • Cover your face with an air filter or any kind of cloth mask in order to protect yourself from this deadly virus.

Coronavirus Treatment

After the best efforts of all the countries no specific medicine all treatment could be found dead, so self-care and support in breathing is only treatment left out.

Still, continuous efforts have been made by many countries in order to get its stable medicine to cure all the patients but till then take care of yourself and follow “SOCIAL DISTANCING”.

What Do You Mean By Self Care?

In order to protect you from the mild symptoms of the virus, one can opt following self-care remedies.

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Take a sound sleep and provide rest to your body
  • Keep yourself warm
  • Keep your throat wet
  • Consult with a doctor immediately in case of any illness or cold
  • Avoid traveling to other countries or cities
  • Immediate test after any travel is necessary

Final thoughts

This is a hard time for all of us, not for a citizen of one country but of each and every citizen of the world.

So we all have to fight collectively in order to beat this deadly Coronavirus government is taking all the necessary steps for our safety now it becomes our duty to obey all the orders given by the government for our welfare.

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