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No one can ever have enough of discounts. Who, after all, would wish to miss out on a great bargain? And this is what keeps buyers going, whether it is getting hair colored in a nearby salon, in a restaurant or even for retails. Small discounts offered in restaurants are also a great way to attract customers and probably drive sales.

No matter how independent your business might be, in the end, everything is all about your clients. To get them, you need to use good bait, and this bait is known as a discount. According to experts, discounts are a good psychological tactic to attract new clients. For example, through a meal of $10 may appear normal, the same meal priced $9 with 10 percent discount might come across as more tempting. Therefore, the chances are that you will get multiple orders for it. Why are discounts and giveaways important?

Get famous

Generally, discounts and giveaways play a significant role in promoting a business. Have you ever wondered why Dominos is such a popular option for most people? Is it because they serve an outstanding pizza? The reality is; Dominos created their brand based lucrative and regular discounts.

Whenever one of your clients benefits reasonably from your discounts, that person is more likely to refer your restaurant to other people looking for similar services. That means you can achieve free organic marketing at your restaurant’s doorstep at no cost. Isn’t that cool?

Make friends not just regular customers

A lasting and warm provider-client relationship might sound good in books, but in the real world, such a level if brand loyalty isn’t achieved easily. Your clients will visit your restaurant, choose what they wish to eat, and probably move on with their lives even without giving you a second thought.

Offering even minimal discounts in a restaurant gives your clients an incentive to consider your brand next time they need the specific services you provide. For them, your restaurant will be the one place where they get food at affordable prices and great discounts. Therefore, discounts, no matter how small they are, are a good way of creating client loyalty that would last long even after the discount is gone.

More sales, a benefit to your restaurant

Studies have revealed that clients are more likely to spend more whenever the product or service in question is on discount. For example, a person who planned to have one course at regular price may gobble down three if you offer them a discount.

Perhaps you are wondering how your restaurant is likely to benefit. After all, discounts are like an expense on the part of the restaurant owner. Well, if you offer well-calculated discounts, you will still make profits. However, you may want to reduce the margin a little bit, and in commercial terms, your decision will be worth it. Keep in mind that sell one meal at a regular price is ordinary but selling ten meals at a slightly discounted price is smart and for this, you can try out a food cost calculator.

The importance of online surveys

Nearly all businesses believe in one common old saying, “the client is always right.” This is a philosophy, according to a recent TalkToBo that still stands true particularly from a client’s perspective. Client satisfaction should be an integral part of your priorities particularly if the demand for the menu that you have is similar to that of your competitors. It will play an outstanding role in bringing the difference for your restaurant if you can make compromises to what your clients are asking for.

Surveys can monitor the quality

One of the most reliable ways to outdo your competition is by finding all the flaws in your restaurant and root them out. But some flaws are not obvious to your staff and the management team. Regardless of how careful your team is, there are some things that only your clients will notice. Getting these customers to tell you those things via surveys can put you ahead of the game.

Surveys can help collect contact details

Besides collecting feedback regarding the quality of your food, service, and overall operations, surveys can also be used to collect your customers’ contact details. This will make some marketing strategies such as email marketing easier.

Set easy goals

As a restaurant owner, you can use analyze the data collected through surveys, make the right choices, and maintain quarterly or annual growth reports. Remember, you can use different types of surveys to collect the right data for specific decision making.

Surveys, discounts, and giveaways are an indispensable tool to boost your startup or established restaurant. However, they need to be handled with care to ensure that you achieve your desired impact.

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