Going to the Beach

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People used to visit a beach every year or even every weekend if they have such an opportunity.

If you are lucky enough you can get the room in the hotel not far from the beach for more than affordable prices. Also, you can get the cheapest and speedy car with a spacious baggage compartment from Rental24H.com.

There mustn’t be problems with all this at all except for it is not a guarantee of a good trip. To be well-prepared you should start packing right now.

Do you have a packing list?

You should have it! It helps to pack your valise in advance and forget nothing. Believe it or not, it is possible!

Beach Essentials



1. Clothes

Of course, people want to have clothes for all occasions. It’s a personal choice but you may not need so many cocktail dresses and high heels on the beach. Don’t bright too much!

  1. Swimsuit

Swimsuits for women are one of the most needed clothing items for your beach vacation. There are a wide variety of swimsuits available online.

You can choose from various styles, colors, and sizes that suit your style and body. You can even bring 2 or more swimsuits as they take a little space and help you to look different every day.

  1. Shorts

Shorts are the most comfortable pieces of clothes you may have. You can take 2 or 3 pairs of shorts made of different materials. Try to combine shorts with different tops. You can wear shorts when going to the beach, museums, or even to the restaurant.

  1. Tops

You need 3 different tops to match with your shorts. Try oversize clothes. It is especially comfortable in sunny countries.

  1. Dresses

If it comes to a light summer dress, you need it only if you prefer the dress to shorts. Take 1 or 2 sundresses to wear for the excursion or for a romantic dinner.

Planning to dine in a cool city restaurant you can take one formal dress to look to the point in a luxury place.

  1. Pants

Do you need pants? You can take a pair of your favorite jeans for a night walk.

  1. Light jacket

You may need a light bright jacket or a sweater if the weather will become windy. If you are afraid of a rainy season, 3 in 1 jacket will be a perfect variant.

Flip Flops


2. Shoes

Packing for a beach vacation, don’t pay much attention to shoes. Just think about what you are going to do there. If the beach walks and excursion tours are preferable, you should tale sandals, flip flops, and a pair of water shoes.

  1. Sandals

You wear sandals for walking through the city. You may like sandals of neutral colors that suit your every look.

  1. Flip Flops

Flip flops are the best to wear to the beach. Usually, they are bright colors and elastic materials.

  1. Water Shoes

You should take a pair of water shoes to wear to the beach with a lot of rocks and coral. Also, water shoes are needed to visit a pool.

Sun Glasses


3. Beach Essentials

There are many more things to pack you may need for your beach trip.

  1. Beach Hat

A Beach hat is needed when the weather is hot. The hat protects your skin and eyes. The choice is yours. You may take an extravagant beach hat or something smaller and simpler in design.

  1. Towel

Of course, you can’t go to the beach without a towel. But don’t worry, if you stay in a good hotel, you may take a hotel towel or rent a towel at the hotel pool.

  1. Snorkel Set

A snorkel set is what you need only if you are going to swim under the water. By the way, you can rent any of the needed swimming gear in the hotel or just at the beach. Of course, you can borrow or hire a snorkel set but it is preferable to have your own personal gear.

  1. Sunglasses

Sunglasses will always protect your eyes from excessive sun. Don’t forget a pair of your favorite sunglasses at home. Planning to change your look, you can take a couple of sunglasses in different forms and sizes.

  1. Water Bottle

You may have a personal water bottle or buy a pack of bottled water in the market. Just make sure you have enough water with you.

Beach Bag


4. Bags

Do you think your valise is enough for a beach vacation? What are you going to take on the beach? You probably need many more bags to feel comfortable during your stay.

  1. Beach Bag

A Beach bag is needed to make all your beach gear with you. Of course, you can use your backpack but it often doesn’t suit your sundress and an extravagant hat.

Don’t you think so?

Traditionally, a beach bag is bright and big, made of soft natural materials.

  1. Hand Bag

Why do you need a handbag at the beach? This is a possibility to bring your wallet and a telephone with you for an evening walk. It suits to your evening look and a sundress.

  1. Backpack

You may need a small backpack if you want to take more than a smartphone and sun cream. You can take a towel, a spare swimsuit, cosmetics, some water, and your favorite magazine to read.

Don’t forget about the toiletries and cosmetics. Add them to your packing list and try not to miss a thing.

How many creams and lotions should you pack in?

Think a bit. Don’t overdo it! You can find a brand of your favorite cosmetics even in Miami!

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