There are times when you observe dogs acting strangely or out of sync than their usual selves. They would have no way to communicate to their masters directly. They would either suffer in silence from the diseases that we could have avoided. Being responsible dog lovers, we keep abreast of their health by monitoring how they are.

Being knowledgeable of how dog ailments cause the diseases contracted by our canine friends is essential to their survival. The early years of our dogs are years to take extra care of them. Pet owners should watch their beloved dogs carefully during their puppy years. Puppies are prone to diseases in their early years.

Without supplemental protection, our dogs expose themselves to lurking illnesses just around the corner. In worst cases, if the dog owner does not know anything about dog care, it is wise to immediately bring the poor dog to a vet that will take care of their pet. For dog lovers’ awareness, it is essential that they learn how to detect certain diseases so as to ensure their beloved pets’ survival.

Here is the list of five top preventable dog diseases:

  1. Parvovirus or commonly known as “Parvo.” The parvovirus infects the intestines of the dog. The virus transfers to an uninfected dog when it touches the poop of a contaminated dog. It happens mostly in dog shelters. The dog will experience diarrhea resulting to weight loss, severe vomiting, losing energy and enthusiasm. Half of the infected dogs die due to this virus.


  • Vaccines are required before the virus sets in for prevention of deadly diseases. There is a high rate of survival for dogs vaccinated by the anti-parvo virus.
  1. Gastric Torsion or commonly known as “Bloat.” When your dog gulps down their food with less mastication, bloating will eventually affect it. Bloated stomach traps gas from escaping. It will give discomfort to your beloved dog. Symptoms like pacing, salivating, trying to vomit or throw up is seen on the dog’s behavior. Large Breed dogs are mostly prone to bloating.


  • Have your dogs eat at a slow pace. Vets recommend stuffing their food in Kong Toys. This way, dogs won’t easily gulp their food and avoid bloating.
  1. Kidney Disease/Renal Failure. The disease is a result of some medications that damages the kidneys of a dog or complication from Lyme disease. Renal failure is not all preventable in a dog’s lifetime. A dog’s genetic disposition dictates if he is kidney disease prone or not.


  • There is one cause of renal failure that is preventable. When the bacteria spread in the dog’s teeth, bacterial activity sets in motion. Bacteria will get into the bloodstream and will cause kidney problems in dogs.
  • A regular dental check-up for your dogs is necessary.
  1. Lyme disease. Deer ticks that jump off to your dogs are a cause of Lyme disease. Deer ticks sucking on your canine for the past ten hours will transmit bacteria causing the ailment. The prolonged suction of the deer tick will heavily damage the dog’s kidneys. Our beloved canine will experience weakness in limbs one at a time until it succumbs to lameness.


  • Antibiotics could save the dog, but there is no guarantee that it’ll go away permanently.
  • Keep your dog away from deer infested with ticks’ areas.
  • Medicine that prevents deer ticks from clinging to the dog could do the trick.
  • A regular check-up is a best preventive option.
  1. Heartworm Disease. It is advisable to vaccinate before the disease infects your dog. It will cost you more money and more painful for your dog once this sets in before the preventive medication is applied. Mosquito bites cause heartworms to dogs.


  • Clean surroundings to thwart away mosquitoes.
  • Heartworm is fought with multiple intramuscular arsenic-based injections causing much pain to the dog.

It is better to invest in prevention than to spend more money on the cure. Save money by taking care of your precious dogs.

About the author:

Jeff Caceres is a freelance blogger who loves dogs. He and his family currently own 4 fluffy house dogs and 3 guard dogs. He loves to share tips, stories, pictures and videos on living his life with his lovable dogs. You can check out Life With Puppy for more stories from different dog owners around the world.


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