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It’s a sad fact that air pollution only seems to be getting worse in and around our big cities and towns. Air pollutants, in their many forms, obviously pose serious health risks. Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to reduce these risks is to reduce the actual pollutants themselves and stop them from saturating the air.

Although cycling and not relying on cars so much has increased and there have definitely been improvements in this regard, the vast majority are still using their cars and other forms of vehicles, so the air pollution problem continues. This is why many companies are now coming up with solutions to counter and protect against air pollution.

It’s ironic in a sense that we have been encouraged to cycle to work and other places if we can, rather than relying on our cars to reduce pollution, only for those who cycle to work to face health risks because of the said pollution.

Although you should be very weary of choosing just any so-called anti-pollution mask, good quality ones do have some major benefits that you can avail yourself of by investing in one.

To help you appreciate the good pollution mask cycling can do, we will look at some of the distinct health benefits of wearing anti-pollution masks when cycling.

#1. Block Particle Air Pollutants

As you may know, there is a comprehensive combination of different, tiny particles and droplets of liquid that get dispersed into the air we breathe. When these pollutants are inhaled into our bodies and lungs, they can potentially cause damages to our lungs and hearts and bring about the onset of serious and life-threatening health conditions and illnesses.

Wearing face masks, especially high-quality ones that have been designed and tested to successfully and effectively block out these pollutants, can help prolong the health and well being of your heart and lungs, meaning that you get all the benefits of your cycling without the nasty effects of breathing in the toxic air.

#2. Protection During Allergy and Hay Fever Seasons

Another great potential benefit of using these kinds of masks that does not involve the harmful smog-like pollution noted in the above paragraph is the fact that, if they have been designed well enough, they could potentially help protect allergy sufferers from things like pollen during the hay fever and other allergies such as dust microns that can trigger asthmatics and make their condition worse.

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#3. Protection Against Fumes And Particles From Forest Fires

Although this is not a common problem for many people, if you live in areas where there are densely packed woodland areas and forest fires happen regularly, you could benefit from wearing one of these masks so that you don’t have to stop cycling, but also don’t have to breathe in the toxic and irritating fumes that result from these fires.

#4. Protection Against Wet Cold Weather Conditions During Winter

When the weather starts to get worse and the temperature drops in the wintertime, you may not want to give up cycling or break your good workout habits. Wearing a face mask, in these kinds of conditions can help you keep up with your fitness routine and avoid having to use your car or pay for public transport fares; while protecting you from snow, ice, and just cold rain from being kicked up onto your face from the road as you ride along.

#5. Protection Against Viral Outbreaks

It is not just airborne pollutants that we need to be vigilant to protect our delicate lungs and internal organs from. There has been an increase in serious instances of viral outbreaks, causing potential dangers to our health and even life. When you wear an anti-pollution mask though, you can, if it has been specifically designed and manufactured to offer this level of protection, stay safe even when you are out cycling if there has been a known outbreak of a serious virus or even just the cold.

Although it is advisable if you are looking to have as safe a time as possible when cycling, that you should look for the best anti-pollution mask you can, having something in place may be better than having no form of protection at all. Look at the online reviews, check if there are any tests or trials that have been conducted and official results. Whether you are cycling to work on a pedal bike or using one of the new ebike conversion kits, take precautions will help you get more out of your daily cycle.

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