Make A Mask At Home

Do you often find yourself thinking about the pandemic situation, sitting in a state of fear and concern for safety?

In the present times where everybody’s concerned for themselves and their loved ones, where everyone is supposed to maintain social distances in shops, schools, or wherever they go.

Not only this, but there are also advises flowing in for people to wash your hands continuously, keep your face covered to prevent the spread of the virus, and what not!

Face masks have now become an essential part of one’s attire. In an attempt to protect oneself and other citizens from catching COVID-19, they are enormously used by people.

But safety does not always come under a costly budget. You can now make these masks at home that can also be styled according to one’s own preference.

It need not be N95, which is of a very high price, but a mask that can protect COVID particles from entering into your mouth and nose.

One can easily avail all the products required at a low cost with the use of Joann fabric coupons, and various other offers provided by Joann like 40% off on any one regular priced item and even 20% off on yarn clearance.

With the worldwide spread of the deadly virus, precaution is the only measure one can take to protect themselves and others. Whenever you step out of our house, you must wear a face mask.

It would be best if you were very careful in choosing the fabric. Face masks will cover your face, but it must guard you against viruses trying to get into you through nose and mouth too. It should be a material that has breathability and high filtration power.

We will provide you with a few necessary fabrics which you can use to make your face mask at home and be safe when you go out.


Cotton particularly is for those who want to purchase fabric online.

It is easily available and is perhaps the most common material used for face masks.

It is best for defense and breathability.

Natural fibers:

Natural fibers can increase their filtration capacity, due to the ruggedness and variance of materials, such as paper and cotton.

Thus, researchers recommend natural fibers over synthetic fibers.


70D nylon seems to be efficient for filtration, 77% huge molecules, and 12% tiny particles were removed and this fabric is also breathable.

The research teams even tested 40D nylon, which had increased filtration statuses, but with canvas, it attained the lowest breathability.

Consider these options for making face masks at home

Options for making face masks at home

A face mask is meant to protect you and also to save those around you. With face masks, you take care of yourself and others too. It is simple to make a cloth face mask and it needs no skilled sewing abilities or a sewing machine. You can make face masks at home as long as you have the below-mentioned items at home.

  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Elastic
  • Measurement ruler

For getting the idea and putting out your creativity of how to make a face mask at home you can scroll through these websites which would provide you with the best and easiest ways to make a mask to stay safe in this pandemic situation while giving you a few discount offers.

  1. Hobby Lobby DIY face mask (with pockets for filter)
  • Things you would need:

Pieces of the fabric of your choice, sewing pins, elastic for elasticity

  • Hobby Lobby tutorial on a DIY face mask is very easy and requires no time to finish. It is a low budget mask which is made with affordable items to give you the required safety measure when you go out. 

  1. Joann

Things you would need

  • Basic sewing supplies, elastic for giving it elasticity for a better fit
  • On shopping with Joann you can avail 20% off on your total purchase with code JUNETP20
  • It provides you free shipping with no minimum order amount
  • Get additional Joann hacks for easy making face mask along with the tutorial


Be as safe as you can. Make the face masks of your choice and design. DIY masks are very simple to make and enjoyable at the same time.

Check out the best brands of all times like Joann, Hobby Lobby, and Michaels you can take advantage of many amazing offers that will surely not make a hole in your pocket.

From 40% off and myriad promo codes to free delivery. The uploaded tutorials of these brands will ease your face mask making process.

So just buy the stuff you need online from the brand of your choice and start your DIY face mask project now. Stay home! Stay safe!

About The Author:

I am Sanjana Batra and I am working as an Assistant Manager Marketing at Zouton.

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