Premature Aging

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Not many of us like to accept the fact that our skin ages with time. Many things can cause the skin to age and there is nothing we can do to stop the process. There are many other things we can try and delay the aging process. Aging is inevitable and it is a natural process. It has an important role in your health and body. With time, you will notice certain visible lines over the face and it is obvious for the face to lose its youthfulness as you age. You will notice your skin has become thinner as well as drier but it is also your genes which control when and how the changes occur. Aging affects both, men and women and there are different ways you can reduce premature skin aging. You can have an influence on the pattern of aging which affects the skin. It is your lifestyle choices and the environment you live in that can cause the skin to age before time. The natural aging process is known as intrinsic aging and aging due to environmental factors is known as extrinsic aging. When you take certain preventive actions, you can slow down the effect that aging has over your skin.

Here is how you can reduce premature aging

  1. Keep away from the sun: The sun has a major role to play in aging the skin. Dermatologists always advise their patients to protect the skin from the sun every day. According to Dr. Bill Andrews from, exposure to UV light causes the aging process in your skin to speed up. If you are spending the day by the beach or are running errands, you need to ensure that your eyes and skin are protected from the sun. You need to protect the skin by seeking shade and also by covering up with clothing. You can also use sunscreen which has a high SPF. You might have to reapply the sunscreen a couple of times in the day. You need to ensure that you apply sunscreen on your skin daily before you step out of the house.
  2. Use self-tanner instead of going out to get a tan: Whenever you get a tan, your skin ages prematurely. This happens when you get a tan due to the sun and the UV rays will accelerate on how the skin ages eventually. Hence, if you want to get a tanned look, opt for a self-tanner but do not go out in the sun to get a tan, it will cause permanent damage to the skin.
  3. Quit smoking: Smoking not only harms the organs inside your body but will also speed up your aging process. It will cause wrinkles and will leave you with a dull complexion.
  4. Avoid repeating facial expressions: If you constantly make the same facial expression, it contracts the muscles. When you repeatedly do this, there are lines on your face that will become permanent. Hence, wear sunglasses to reduce the lines. Be conscious of the facial expressions you repeatedly make.
  5. Consume a healthy diet: Eating lots of vegetables and fresh fruits can help prevent the damage that causes premature aging of your skin. Opt for a diet that contains low sugar and carbs so as to maintain optimum health and wellbeing.
  6. Avoid alcohol: Alcohol is not good for your health and body. It damages the skin and will also dehydrate it. This eventually causes damage and can make you look older than your age.
  7. Exercise: The best way to improve the blood flow in your body is by exercising. When you engage in any type of physical activity for at least thirty minutes daily, you will enhance your immune system and can improve circulation. It will give your skin a youthful appearance.
  8. Be kind on your skin: You need to look after your skin in the best possible manner. Scrubbing the skin constantly can irritate it and can cause damage. Irritation of the skin can lead to aging. Hence, wash your face gently in order to get rid of pollution and makeup without irritating the skin.
  9. Wash your face two times in a day: Perspiration due to any reason can irritate the skin. This is why you need to wash your face at least twice a day after sweating.
  10. Use facial moisturizer regularly: A moisturizer will trap water inside the skin and will give you a youthful appearance. You also need to stop using products which burn or sting the skin. It causes irritation and that will make you look older.

Even if you have already noticed some signs of aging, you can benefit from lifestyle changes. You will be able to notice a significant change in the way your skin looks and feels by simply choosing a healthy diet and giving up on tobacco and alcohol. Make a conscious decision to look after your skin at all times. If you notice any type of irritation or burning on the skin, make a visit to a dermatologist and ask them to suggest products for you to use. There are numerous treatments and procedures that can help improve your complexion and could lighten the skin. However, before you decide to go through a procedure, try these easy to implement habits and notice an instant change in your skin. These skin care tips are equally applicable to men. In addition to making lifestyle changes, you can benefit from supplements which provide the necessary vitamins in your body. You can also opt for anti-aging products that are designed to reduce wrinkles on your face and to bring back the youthful appearance. Remain hydrated and always give your skin a priority. Even if you are wearing sunscreen, cover your face with a cloth when you step out so as to protect the skin from any type of damage caused due to the UV rays of the sun.

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