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A hickey is a love bite that occurs due to roughly kissing on the neck, shoulders and in any part of the body. Hickey is a passionate love bite found common in young lovers who are energetic and wants to love their partner passionately. What is a hickey? We have got the right answer to hickey, it’s a fully passionate love bite that leaves red marks on the skin. Yes, it breaks the veins of neck and shoulder that gradually turns red and purple when blood clots gather at one place. Hickeys don’t create any pain but look very embarrassing when others notice it. This is why young lovers try to hide it!

What Causes Hickey?

A love bite causes hickey that usually is a love gift to women from men. The aggressive and continuous sucking of one place causes hickey that might take place on any particular part of the body. What happens when a person kisses his partner aggressively? It leaves red marks that gradually turn purple to red. Also, it breaks down blood vessels that are also known as capillaries. Hence, all the blood is gathered at one tissue that looks weird. How to remove a hickey? Hence, to remove hickey is the concern of all young lovers who are involved in it.

How Long Do Hickeys Last?

All passionate lovers give a hickey to their partners, but have you ever imagined that how long do hickeys last. Definitely, hickey never comes to stay permanently. Yes, it’s not a permanent mark and goes away with time. It lasts for up to two weeks, whereas some lovers recover it in 10 days. So, it depends on the nature of skin and recovery time that vary from person to person. Some hickeys more time to heal while some go away in less time. No doubt it damages the blood vessels that surely needs a proper time to recover. Remember, the hickey goes away when you eat healthily and this is why diet importance is crucial in the removal of a hickey.

How to Get Rid of a Hickey Fast?


What is a hickey and how one can quickly remove it? Obviously, no one can stop hickey from occurring especially when two lovers meet. It has to happen, so lovers don’t need to worry in terms of focusing on recovery. How long do hickeys last? Usually, it recovers in two weeks’ time as we discussed earlier. However, the worrying factor arises when lovers don’t find any way to remove a hickey. How to get rid of a hickey fast is a concern here? To find out some natural home remedies for a hickey, just visit 100homeremedies to know valuable details about hickey removal. Many lovers find hickey a frustrating and embarrassing thing, so they don’t wander in public with confidence and try to hide it. Thus, some don’t bother it and don’t ever consider how to hide a hickey. They even don’t wear full clothes and don’t put hair in front to hide a hickey.

Here are some proven natural homemade remedies to get rid of a hickey fast.

  1. Massage

Massage is the best ever remedy used for getting rid of a hickey. A number of essential oils can be used for massaging just to remove a hickey. Why massage works? It works slowly when soft hands are applied on hickey especially fingers, further it helps to reduce the size of a blood clot. Keep massaging the affected area for some minutes to find good improvement in blood circulation. This is the ultimate benefit of doing a hickey massage that quickly reduces hickey. If you happen to visit You will come to know about a range of natural remedies.

  1. Orange

Whenever you are affected by hickey, just buy some oranges and eat them regularly. Besides eating, it would be better if you make a fresh juice of an orange and drink daily till you feel any improvement. Even orange can also be applied on the hickey, this really helps to reduce hickey. Why orange works? It works because orange is full of vitamin C that has got quick healing properties. No doubt vitamin C is vital for healing and for reducing hickey, oranges work great. If you are after a question that how to get rid of hickeys, orange is the answer to your question. So, for quick healing just buy dozens of oranges to remove a hickey.

  1. Banana Peelings

If you are looking for natural home remedies on how to remove a hickey, you can also use banana peels. Banana peels provide a comfortable feeling to a user who rubs it on an affected area, where hickey is quite prominent. Using a ripe banana would be great to use in this remedy rather than getting a fresh banana. Banana peels have got soothing and cooling properties that quickly reduces hickey. Remember, don’t forget to cut the banana peel same the size of your hickey. Just stick your banana peel on the hickey for almost half an hour and don’t remove unless you feel comfortable. This remedy is very effective, as it reduces the blood clots and improves the circulation of blood.

  1. Rubbing Alcohol

To get rid of a hickey, a person can use alcohol right after the hickey appears on the body. Rubbing alcohol is one of the best home remedies for a hickey that should be used immediately right after the hickey is witnessed. It has got soothing properties that provide instant relief to a user when applied directly. The remedy of rubbing alcohol is easy to use, just get a cotton ball and pour some alcohol on it, now start rubbing the cotton on the hickey. It works like a moisturizer that can make your skin dry in the next couple of minutes. Once the skin has got dry, you can apply any skin ointment or homemade moisturizer to get pleasant feelings. Repeat this process two or three times a day to get instant relief.

  1. Use A Comb to Rub the Hickey

A comb can also be used to remove a hickey. Just use the fingers of comb slowly on the affected area, as it helps the blood to go back into the vessels that take the shape of a clot. Remember, you can use a comb-like doing massage therapy, just don’t press the affected area by using a comb. It can affect your skin. If you use your comb like doing a massage, then it would be easier for you to get quick recovery from a hickey.

  1. Frozen Spoon

Using a frozen spoon is also one of the leading remedies to fix hickey. We are not here to discuss hickey causes; everyone knows about the causes of a hickey. How to get rid of a hickey fast matters? If you have tried many remedies at home to reduce hickey and is not satisfied, then you should also try a frozen spoon. Just keep the spoon in the freezer for almost 30 minutes, bring out the spoon and place it on an affected area. The hickey will be removed soon if you keep using this remedy for twice or thrice a day. It’s a perfect solution to get rid of hickey!

  1. Vitamin K

Vitamin K is also very effective for reducing blood clots in the body no matter the clots appear due to hickey or any injury. Vitamin K has got healing properties that really work great in reducing the impact of a hickey. It absorbs the blood gathered in clots and really improves the circulation of blood. Also, it heals very fast when compared to other remedies. How to remove a hickey by using vitamin K? Eat all necessary foods that contain Vitamin K or else lotions and creams can also be used that are made on the formula of Vitamin K. Use Vitamin K every day until your marks go away. Fish oil is another special thing that can be applied to hickeys. No doubt fish oils contain vitamin K, that’s why it is used. Interestingly, vitamin K pills are also available in the market that can be taken.

  1. Hot Compress

Looking for the best hickey remedies or wants to know what is a hickey? Just visit to come over a range of informative hickey remedies. Among all tested remedies that we mentioned above, hot compress is also one of the famous home remedies for a hickey. It provides great comfort to the skin when this remedy is applied. Just take a piece of washed cloth and fill it up with warm water and tie a knot. Now place the cloth on the affected areas for instant healing. It helps veins to work in a flow and reduces the impact of blood clots and this is why people prefer to choose hot compress remedy. The heat produced from the cloth is really effective for the skin and quickly removes hickey from the skin. Interested in removing hickey? Just use this effective remedy!

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