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So you have decided that it is time to get back into shape. You tried once or twice before; maybe even multiple times before now. You do not seem to stick with it though. Something either comes up or it is too difficult to live the lifestyle required to stay fit.

How many times have you said, “There’s no time to work out?”

This is all victim talk. There is plenty of time in the day to work out, you just have to look closely at your schedule to see where you can fit it in.

The lifestyle is too difficult?

That is just you not fully committing yourself to it; change is the difficulty, not the lifestyle. If something comes up, okay. Life happens. Whatever it is, get past it then continue on your path to being healthy and staying fit.

And as you do, consider blogging about it.

How does blogging help?

Why would you take the time to write about your efforts to fitness?

Well, those are the exact questions being answered below.

Why Blogging

1. State of Mind

Your mentality is key to your fitness efforts. If your mind is not in the right place, then your body will never be. You cannot hope to achieve a physically fit body if you are not truly determined to sculpt your body into shape.

If you are going to make a change in your lifestyle, you need to be constantly aware of your decisions and the repercussions of those choices on your health.

Relaxing the mind is crucial to maintaining your focus. If too many issues get inside your head, you will be more focused on those than you would your activities.

You will be more likely to put a workout off because you cannot focus. By calming your mind, the stress can vanish for a while. Long enough for you to focus on yourself.

By maintaining a blog of your exercise efforts and dietary changes, you are freeing your mind of that stress. The act of writing alone allows you to block out the rest of the world and focus on just one thing.

The problems at work become forgotten, and the stresses at home are ignored; there is just you, your thoughts, and a computer.

2. Fun Factor

Sharing your adventures with your friends is fun. Everybody likes to tell a story. By blogging your stories, you have the potential to reach thousands or millions of readers who will enjoy reading your blog. Reaching an audience that large can make the experience even more thrilling!

You can get enjoyment from writing to an audience. When you do something that is fun, you release endorphins into your system. With this chemical pumping into your brain, you receive a feeling of happiness.

Being happy can help in your mental state and make you more likely to stick to your workout regimen and meal requirements.

3. Inspire Others

Your words could inspire others to improve their health and get into shape. While big-name celebrities may make us wish we had a body like theirs, they rarely inspire us to attain that level of fitness.

It is the everyday person who sets us on our paths. If a reader sees that you live down the street, thirty minutes away, or even just a state over, they are more likely to be inspired by you.

Inspire Others

Image Source: Pexels

Because you are next door, your efforts have more weight on them; locals fighting this processed-food world full of obesity.

They will see your successes and think they can do it too. They will read about your lapses and know that it is okay to falter from time to time; no one is perfect.

4. Goal-Setting

This is probably the most important reason to start your own fitness blog! By inspiring others, you can inspire yourself to keep going. This leads to increased goals, and accountability to reach those goals.

Your readership will not let you fall off the horse. They will not let you slack off. They will be as determined to keep you going as they are to keep going themselves.

You are human, and as such you are not perfect. Neither is the world. Things will happen that can discourage you, no matter how determined you are to stay fit.

Your thousands of readers will remind you that it is okay. They will also tell you that it is time to get over it. And that is when we need them the most.

How to Blog

writing your fitness blog

So when you are writing your fitness blog, be sure your stories are as exciting as your adventures. If you are not a great writer, that is alright. Not everybody is.

You will develop your skills as you go. Start off a simple yet provide enough information for the reader to understand.

Over time, you will begin to use more descriptions and give more detail. Your readership is not going to take off overnight. Use the early stages of your blog to improve yourself.

Make sure you use lots of pictures in your posts. You can use your own personal photos if you want. This will give your blog a personal touch. Using some example fitness images can help readers visualize what you are describing and give your posts some flair.

There are several computer and Internet things you need to have a basic understanding of before getting started. Domain names, web hosts, and such can be very technical and very confusing at first.

Thankfully, you can find plenty of websites that combine most of these services into one package, making it easier for you to get started.

So go out there and get started! Get into the gym or start jogging down that street. Put down the sugary junk food and pick up the healthy ones.

Then sit down and blog about how you are trying to stay fit. The cycle of physical fitness and mental fitness can begin with you putting your thoughts into words.

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Bryce Newell is an automotive enthusiast, former RN, and an aspiring writer that covers health, automotive, and small business topics. You can find his latest thoughts at and contributions across many small businesses, automotive, and health sites.


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