Meal Delivery Services Can Improve Your Health

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If you’re someone that is looking to improve your health but your busy schedule and the many quick and easy temptations around you in your daily life will not allow you to do, signing up for a meal delivery service can significantly help you achieve this goal.

Gourmet food delivery service takes care to make food to your requirements, which ensures that the delivered food is chock-full of nutrients and devoid of ingredients you want to avoid such as excess carbohydrates and sugars.

Additionally, the services provide you anywhere from one to three daily meals, ensuring that if you want to go on a complete diet, your exposure to grocery stores and other places full of unhealthy temptations is completely restricted.

Here are a number of benefits of devoting time to healthy eating:

Reduced Cancer Risk

In 2014, researchers found that a fruit-heavy diet reduced the risk of gastrointestinal cancer.[1]

They further found that diets including vegetables, fruit, and fiber lower the chances of contracting colorectal cancer and liver cancer as well.[2][3] The antioxidants present in these foods have also been linked via studies to reduced damage associated with cancer.[4]

Signing up for the best healthy food delivery service can therefore not just help your health and wellness now, but affect your long term health as well.

Diabetes Management

A person with diabetes can have a significantly better quality of life if they consume a healthier diet.

It can help them lose extra weight, manage their blood glucose levels, and keep both cholesterol and blood pressure within a normal range, which is challenging for people with diabetes[5][6].

Heart Health

The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada showed that 80% of premature heart issues can be prevented if the person in question makes lifestyle changes regarding healthy foods and exercise[7].

In terms of foods, a person can substantially improve their heart health by increasing their consumption of foods rich in Vitamin E[8].

Foods with high amounts of this vitamin include almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts, and green vegetables.

Additionally, there is a clear connection between a reduced consumption of trans fats and coronary disease.

Reducing the consumption of trans fats reduces the amount of LDL cholesterol in the system, which is the kind that creates plaque in the arteries and contributes to heart attacks[9].

Finally, a decreased intake of salt significantly affects the stability of blood pressure and ultimately benefits heart health. The recommended amount of salt is 1500mg per day.

Child Health

If you adopt a healthy lifestyle right now, it will help not just you but your current and future children as well.

Not only will they see the example you’ve set and start unconsciously adapting themselves to a healthier lifestyle, but they will also eat the same type of foods as you, and start developing a preference for the taste of healthier food early on in life[10].

A 2018 study proved that children who frequently eat with their families eat more vegetables and healthier foods than children who eat alone. The latter group is more prone to unhealthier eating habits such as sugary foods[11].

Strong Bones And Teeth

A calcium and magnesium-rich diet has been proven to improve the health of bones and teeth, which not only has immediate benefits but also helps prevent osteoporosis later on in life[12][13][14].

Foods like milk, cheese, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, fish, tofu, legumes, cereals, green vegetables, and whole grains are all full of the calcium and magnesium you need to improve your health. Additional services like cheers delivery can improve your overall health.


In 2016, a study proved that a diet with high levels of carbohydrates causes depression and fatigue[15].

Such levels are found in a number of commonly consumed foods such as cakes, white bread, and soft drinks[16].

On the other hand, foods such as vegetables and whole grains do not have such high carbohydrate levels, and can actually improve the mood, lower stress levels and help with mental health management.

Improved Memory

If you’re a healthier person, you’ll be able to retain things better and have a better memory.

A 2015 study found that foods rich in vitamin D, C and E, omega 3 fatty acids, and polyphenols prevent dementia and memory loss[17].


Being healthy affects your sleep in the best possible ways, so if you’re someone who is having difficulty sleeping, a healthier lifestyle is ideal for you.

An unhealthy lifestyle, which includes large amounts of fried foods, alcohol, and caffeine, has been proven to block airways and be restrictive for sleep inducement.

If any or all of these health benefits sound like something you would like for yourself, then think about signing up for a meal delivery service like ActivEats that specializes in custom meal planning and can help you achieve the nutritional and long-term benefits that you are after!

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