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With Spring upon us and Summer quickly approaching, wedding season is in full bloom. Are you invited to a wedding for a couple who is into health and fitness? Not quite sure what to get them? Need some ideas for health-conscious personalized engagement gifts.?

Shopping for a fit and active couple is easier than you think, you just have to know where to look! And we can help, we have compiled a list of some healthy gifts for the newly engaged bride to be and her soon to be hubby!

You will obviously have to buy more than one gift for the couple including bridal shower gifts, gifts for bachelorette/bachelor parties and of course, the wedding. This means you are probably in search of some ideas for great engagement gifts

Check out these health-conscious personalized engagement gifts for some suggestions.

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Personalized Engagement Gifts For Healthy Couples

Engagement gift ideas for the couple who is trying to live a healthy lifestyle is really not that difficult. The following gifts are among the top choices we have found to give you some ideas.

Programmable Cook & Carry Slow Cooker

A crock pot is an ideal gift for the bride to be. This item is a staple for every newly-wed couple.

With the abundance of slow cooker recipes that are available online, she will love this gift!

She will be able to prepare simple but tasty, healthy meals ahead of time. As well, she can use it on-the-go for potlucks, brunches and family get-togethers.

A crock pot is the perfect engagement gift for the bride and her hubby-to-be!


Looking for a cool engagement gift the happy couple can enjoy together? A class pass could be just what you are looking for!

This is perhaps the best engagement gift you could get! With this gift, they can check out a number of classes from yoga to swimming to spinning! Or better yet, get them a yearly gym membership on you!

Food Dehydrator

Kitchen gadgets and appliances make engagement gifts for her. From mixers to bread makers you can’t go wrong. But what about the healthy bride-to-be?

A food dehydrator would make a great healthy gift. The bride can use it to make homemade healthy snacks for her family out of fruits and veggies. This is perfect for someone who has food tolerance issues such as a dairy or gluten intolerance!

Single-Speed City Bike

city bikes

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Looking for ideas for a wedding gift for a couple that lives in a city or small town? How about a bike?

Otherwise, known as urban or commuter bikes, city bikes are ideal for those who live in urban areas. Modern city bikes are equipped with built-in safety lights that operate via a generator. This makes them ideal for riding at night. A matching set of his and her city style bikes would make a great for newly married couples who love baking.

Vitamix Blender

Wanna really impress her? What about a Vitamix blender? They have been all the rage for years!

A Vitamix is ideal if you are looking for useful engagement gifts for the healthy couple. This state-of-the-art blender serves you everything from smoothies to soups to dips and spreads!



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Wondering what to get for an engagement gift for the super active health-crazed engaged couple? How about a matching set of Fitbit?

These handy activity trackers are the ideal gift for the couple that is always on the go. A Fitbit will keep track of their daily activity such as distance traveled, steps taken via walking or running, and how many calories they burned. As well, it can monitor their sleep activity.

You can order matching personalized Fitbits for the health-conscious couple on sites such as Etsy. This is one gift that will definitely be put to good use!


Still not sure what to get for a gift for a newly engaged friend who is into healthy eating? Want to impress them with one of the most popular gifts for healthy couples?

A nutribullet is the perfect gift for anyone who is trying to maintain healthy eating habits. This combination blender/juicer comes complete with both a nutrition guide and a recipe book. You can’t go wrong with this healthy gift!

We hope our list of healthy personalized engagement gifts has given you some insights on what to buy for the health-conscious groom and bride to be! Check out our site for more inspiring engagement gift ideas or any other wedding gift advice!

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