Inversion table

In an age of rapid advancement in technology, science keeps finding better ways of solving the problems of mankind.

From innovations in food, fuel, and clothing, to recent advancements in medicine and surgery, new techniques, therapies, and methods have flooded the market, and they all come with their uniqueness.

One of these medical techniques is a specialized table which doctors world over now use to treat ailments or defects affecting the back or spine.

This table is known as the inversion table, and it works by massaging, manipulating and releasing the stiffness in the back which could have occurred as a result of gravity.

Inversion tables can be used alone or in combination with accessory equipment or accessory ankle boots. Although these gadgets play different roles, they all work in synergy for the wellness of an individual’s body.

The reason many today resort to using inversion tables instead of surgery and pain killers is because of its near-perfect success rate at fixing these issues of the dorsal region.

Below are a few reasons and ways in which inversion tables can be used in place of surgery and painkillers for bringing quick and lasting comfort.

Inversion tables help stretch the back

From lordosis to Kyphosis, and scoliosis to back strains, sprains, and inflammation, there are a whole lot of defects, diseases, and injuries that the usual hustle and bustle of daily life can result into.

To fix these anomalies or to enhance this challenging health circumstance many have reverted to taking canisters full of drugs which do more harm than good as they encourage addiction and dependence and ultimately could cause liver failure.

An inversion table is a fairer and better alternative since these drug problems are absent with its use.

Interestingly inversion tables are a sure and time-tested option for fixing a large percentage of the above-listed effects; all they do is stretch the back in a painless and stressless manner.

Use inversion tables because they are cheaper to use

Inversion therapy is an effortless and inexpensive way of fixing back ailments by turning the patient upside down while they are strapped to a table.

Irrespective of the many fears doctors and patients have voiced about the disadvantages of inversion, the procedure is way cheaper compared to the wallet punching cost of spinal surgeries or the expenses accrued in buying packs and packs of medications.

Less painful but more effective when compared with surgery

Inversion tables do not require anesthetic shots or sutures from a surgeon’s thread and needle; thus making this modality incredibly painless.

While we must acknowledge that some back defects or spinal defects can be corrected by only surgical methods, not all require a surgeon’s knife.

However, most individuals aren’t aware of this fact which is why many who have tried inversion table therapy are very vocal about how painless it is compared to the pain involved during and after surgical procedures.

Easy to use without the presence of a specialist

Some diseases of the back or spine such as the disco genic lumbar disease can heal within months or could for years.

Unfortunately, a dedicated chiropractor or specialist may not always be available to attend to the individual.

With an inversion table, there will be no need for continuous and frequent hospital visits or specialist care as regular inversion therapy can be carried out by individuals other than a specialist.

Finally, while inversion tables are very effective for affected individuals, if surgery and drugs must be considered, they should be used according to the physicians’ instruction.

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