Cannabis-Infused Beverages

Ask any of the cannabis users and they will tell you that juicing is one of the most popular methods of enjoying your cannabis.

There are many dispensaries that offer cannabis-infused drinks. You can also look for cannabis-infused beverages to buy online if you don’t want to try the DIY approach.

Even though the cannabis-infused beverages taste heavenly, it is impossible to deny that aspiring cannabis with caffeine or any alcoholic drinks is often a tricky affair.

The user has to decide for themselves whether they like to pair these two different elements at the same time.

Saying that, if you are still willing to try to drink your medicine along with your favorite beverage, then this article can help you out.

Take a look at the following portion of this article to find out different types of cannabis-infused drinks that you can enjoy at your home.

Cannabis Coffee

For most people, drinking their medicinal cannabis with a hot cup of their favorite coffee is an easy solution. If you don’t want to drink the caffeine, there are caffeine-free alternatives available that you can easily try.

Apart from ordering cannabis-infused beverages online, the easiest way to make cannabis-infused coffee is to mix the ingredient with the coffee grounds.

If you are going for the drip brewing method, the best ratio of coffee to water is one tablespoon of coffee ground with 5 ounces of water. Mix about 11/4th teaspoon of cannabis in this recipe, and tweak it to reach perfection.

If you like to brew your coffee in another brewing method, then you just have to adjust the ratio of the coffee, cannabis, and water and brew it away.

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However, you need to remember that THC cannabinoids of marijuana get activated with heat of any kind.

That means, if you don’t cold brew this cannabis-infused coffee, it will activate the medicinal properties of cannabis. This means it will also give you an impromptu high due to the activated THC.

That means you have to consider the effects of the cannabis strains before adding it to your coffee. This will help you to reach the desired effects without any problems.

Start with a small percentage of cannabis and adjust it according to your requirements. Keep in mind that the strength of the strains varies from one to the next.

So, it is better to start small so that cannabis does not catch you in the unawares. You should specifically keep this in mind if you regularly have a cup of coffee in the morning.

Another way of enjoying cannabis-infused coffee is to use cannabis-infused sweetener to a regular cup of coffee. You can make the DIY sweetener using honey, butter, and syrup. Use cannabis-infused coconut oil to make the iced coffee.

Homemade Canna Creamer

To make it, take a saucepan and pour the cream into it. Use appropriate heat to bring the cream into a very light boil. Stir constantly to make sure that the cream does not get stuck to the bottom.

As soon as the cream comes to a boil, remove it from the heat and add the cannabis into it. Mix the ingredients well, and let the cream cool. Once the mixture is cold, strain the cannabis out of the cream and bottle the mixture.

Different types of cannabis-infused beverages are available in the virtual store. You just have to know the names and the type of coffee or the alcoholic beverages you are looking for cannabis-infused beverages to buy online.

Choose the strains of cannabis so that you can customize it according to your medicinal requirements.

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Beer and Wine

You can’t create a cannabis-infused beer by simply tossing a bud inside a bottle. It takes about nine months to make the medicinal version of cannabis-infused wine and beer.

Even though most of the modern winemakers do not know these techniques, some of the old winemakers, however, have never stopped making cannabis-infused wine or beer. You can get some of these cannabis-infused alcoholic beverages in the online stores.

If you make cannabis-infused drinks at home, you will have a clear idea about the dosage. However, if you place an order for Cannabis-Infused beverages, managing the dosage can become a problem.

To make sure you are following the dosage of cannabis-infused coffee as well as wine or beer, read the labels of the products carefully.

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