Cannabis Chocolate

Ready to make your own edibles?

Cannabis chocolate is both fun and delicious, and to make things even better, it’s also surprisingly easy to make your own Cannabis chocolate bar.

This guide will walk you through the many methods you can use to your own cannabis chocolate.

What you are going to need

The ingredients and supplies needed are all fairly simple. Here’s what you’ll need before you get started.

1 – Cannabis. Raw cannabis isn’t psychoactive when ingested; you’ll need to decarboxylate it before it can be used. Or, if you’d like, you can use cannabis oil. That also works well for this recipe.

2 – Something to heat up the chocolate. You’ll need to heat the chocolate over simmering water in order to melt it. To do that, you can use a double boiler, or place a bowl with the chocolate over a saucepan with water. Said bowl needs to be large enough to cover the saucepan; you’ll see why in a moment.

3 – Something to stir the chocolate. A plastic or wooden spoon works best.

4 – The actual chocolate. Choose the flavor and sugar concentration of your choice. Remember that bitter black chocolate offers the most health benefits.

5 – Chocolate mold. You’ll need a place to pour the chocolate on. An ice-tray can replace a chocolate mold in a pinch, or — if you really must — you can pour the chocolate on a plate and break it apart once it’s solid.


Once you have all the materials, making edibles is simple. First, you get your chocolate and place it on the bowl or on the double boiler, then you start to heat it up over simmering water.

Remember that chocolate and water don’t mix. They’re like water and oil. If you get water into molten chocolate, it’ll start to clump together, forming sticky lumps that you can’t stir and that won’t pour well.

This is why it’s important that the bowl you are using will seal the top of the saucepan, to prevent water from getting into your chocolate.

Melt the chocolate until it has a runny consistency. Then start to slowly add your chosen cannabis product while you continually stir the chocolate. Constant stirring will prevent it from sticking and help spread the cannabis around.

For this stage, you’ll need to worry the most about the dosing. Edibles often hit harder than people expect, so if this is your first time making them, consider being conservative with the dose.

If you’re using decarboxylated cannabis for this recipe, remember to ground it into a fine powder.

The finer the cannabis is, the best it can blend into the chocolate, making the dose of each piece of chocolate more consistent, and reducing the aftertaste of the plant.

Once you’re satisfied with your chocolate mixture, it’s time to turn it into actual edibles.

Turn off the fire under the saucepan and — while being mindful of any leftover water vapor — remove the bowl and pour the chocolate onto your mold of choice.

Then put chocolate on the refrigerator and let it sit there until it is firm. How long it’ll take depends on the type of chocolate being used and on the temperature of the freezer; a couple of hours is a safe bet.

And that’s it, you’re done. All you have to do is take the chocolate out of the mold and start eating it. It really is that simple, and the same simple recipe can be used to make CBD chocolate edibles. Just make sure you use high-quality CBD in your recipe.

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