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With plastic surgery on the rise, more people are feeling compelled to get surgery. Some might not even be looking for surgery, but minimally or non-invasive procedures. These procedures are smaller and have less of a risk, but they should still be taken seriously. While we’ve gotten more open about getting plastic surgery, some still don’t see them as the serious medical procedures that they are. You should take plastic surgery into as much consideration as any other surgery. While it’s uncommon, everyone has seen photos of people who have ended up with a plastic surgery gone wrong. Sometimes it can only have a negative impact on your appearance, but in more serious cases, it can be terrible for your health. You don’t want to leave something like a Brazilian butt lift to just anyone. Because of this, you want to be sure you’re working with a surgeon you can trust.

Make sure they’re certified

Most of the time when you’re searching for any medical professional, you might not think too much about whether or not they’re correctly certified. If you’re looking for a new dentist, you might feel comfortable just assuming that they are qualified to be a dentist. Unfortunately, you can’t have that same level of confidence while looking for a plastic surgeon. A surgeon doesn’t have to be specifically trained to be a plastic surgeon in order to perform one of these surgeries. This means that you could be getting a surgeon with very little experience in plastic surgery operating on you if you’re not careful. Plastic surgery requires a certain level of artfulness to make it look natural. This isn’t something you should trust any random surgeon to handle. When you’re looking for plastic surgeons, be sure to look for ones who are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

If you’re looking for something minimally invasive and not actual surgery, you still need to watch out for this. Something like injectables doesn’t necessarily require a doctor. These can be done by physicians assistants or registered nurses under supervision from a doctor. The problem is, in some cases the level of supervision may vary. These might also be done by a different type of doctor who doesn’t necessarily specialize in it. To make you feel more comfortable during your procedure, you should look into having it done by a trained physician.

Get recommendations

Anytime you’re looking to try something out, you probably turn to your friends for advice. If you have any friends who have had work done, get their opinions on the surgeon they worked with. Ask friends who you trust the most because their opinion can weigh more heavily than anyone else’s. If you don’t know anyone personally who’s had work done, you can surely find people online in your area. These reviews are a great way to gauge a surgeon’s skill level, but you can’t always trust them. Don’t trust everything you see online, but use them to supplement your decision making.

Your regular doctor could also be a valuable resource during this time. There’s a good chance that your doctor is already familiar with at least a few plastic surgeons. Your doctor should have your health in mind, so they wouldn’t lead you to some who isn’t good. If you have a doctor you know you can trust, you should be able to trust their opinion on this. They have the medical knowledge on this, so their recommendations could be what you need to find the right surgeon.

Ask them questions

When seeing any doctor, some might be hesitant to ask any questions. Many people assume that their doctor knows better than them, so they might not feel comfortable questioning them. This is going to impact your body and health, so you have every right to ask as many questions as you need. You should be asking them questions regarding the procedure, as well about their experience performing it. Asking questions is an important part of forming a healthy relationship with your surgeon. Also, a surgeon who makes you feel bad for asking important questions is probably not a surgeon you want to work with.

Trust your instincts

Sometimes, you might not feel confident about someone, but you can’t tell exactly what it is. They might seem well qualified, but you just don’t feel like you can trust them. If you feel this way about any surgeon, you don’t have to go through with working with them. Even if they don’t seem friendly, that’s still a good reason for choosing someone else. Getting plastic surgery is a major moment for you, so you should feel safe and comfortable in the hands of your surgeon.

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