Testosterone Levels in Older Men

It’s a simple fact that as men age, so the testosterone levels in the body decrease. This is something that needs to be countered should you wish to remain at the highest levels of health and keep your sex drive in full potential as you get older.

How do you increase testosterone? Well, fortunately, what applies to younger men also applies to older men when it comes to testosterone, so here are some tips that you can use.

Keep Your Weight in Trim – if you are overweight, you need to sort that out in the first instance. Even if you are a sensible weight it is important to keep your fat levels down. The reason for this is that estrogen – otherwise known as the ‘female hormone’ – is produced in men in the fat cells. Production of estrogen means less testosterone, as the two fight for space with each other. Reducing the number of fat cells in the body is therefore essential to make room for more testosterone.

Sleep is Vital – the importance of regular sleep cannot be overlooked when it comes to testosterone levels. Six hours at least is the recommended amount for healthy sleep patterns, and as an older man, you should be able to achieve this by way of short naps taken often. This will help the body in its production of testosterone, so work out a sleep routine as soon as you can.

Exposure to Cold – this may not sound like a pleasurable experience, but a cold shower on a regular basis really does boost testosterone in men. Testosterone is produced by the testes at cold temperatures; heat will not help with this, so a cold shower of the bath will increase production. Out of interest, this is the reason the tests are outside the body, where they can be exposed to the cold. You may also try turning the heating down in the bedroom if you can face sleeping in a colder room!

Balance Your Diet – this is a very important factor in increasing testosterone levels, but what we are going to say may sound contrary to other tips on here. What you need to do is balance your diet so that it has quite a high level of fat content, and there is a method behind the madness! If you work out a diet with higher fat than carbohydrates, you will find that the fat burns away quicker. This is because the body does not hold fat unless the carbohydrate intake is suitably high. Therefore, if you choose the right levels of each, you will burn calories quicker, and produce more testosterone.

Use a Supplement – for older men who need to boost testosterone levels, there are many supplements on the market designed and formulated especially for the purpose. The loss of testosterone as you age is a natural process, so taking such a supplement may actually be a good thing if you follow the instructions correctly. Testosterone is essential in the right quantities for male health in many ways, and we advise you look for a booster supplement with the following ingredients, which are known to do the job: zinc, magnesium, D-Aspartic acid, plus the likes of fenugreek and selenium. Check reviews and manufacturer claims for the level of each, and try one – you never know it might be the answer you’re looking for!

In short, as men grow older so the levels of testosterone produced in standard daily life slow down. Following the above tips will improve your level of testosterone production, and keep you in better health all-round. Check out supplements, devise a healthy diet, and enjoy your life to the full!

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