safely store your cannabis

Cannabis has no expiry date because it is a dried weed that can last for a long time if cured and stored properly.

However, to preserve the effectiveness and freshness of your cannabis, you should use take proper steps to store and prevent it from mildew, mold, and general spoilage. The cannabinoids tend to stay stable for up to two years if they are cured properly.

If you have cultivated your cannabis at home, curing cannabis is crucial. You need to create the right environment for your weed to retain its properties.

Here are the right ways to safely store your cannabis harvest for an extended period of time.

1. Keep in a Cool Dark Place:

Exposing your stash to light for a long time can damage your weed. It should be stored in a cool dark place. If you are storing your weed in a glass jar, it allows in light.

Consider placing your jar in the area of your home that remains dark throughout the day. You can place it in a cupboard or a drawer.

Exposing your glass jar to sunlight can cause it to sweat from inside that puts your stash at the risk of mildew.

2. Don’t Use Plastic Baggies:

Plastic is an ineffective material to hold your weed. Plastic bags are not robust, and your herb is at the risk of being crushed, making your bud less potent.

Crushing removes the potent trichomes from your bud. The plastic baggies do not usually seal up your weed and affect the taste of cannabis.

Moreover, they do not hold in the odor of your weed. So, using plastic baggies to store your cannabis is definitely not a good idea as they do not protect your weed.

3. Glass is King:

The key to protect your dry herb and cure its potency is to limit its exposure to oxygen. For that reason, keeping it in an airtight glass jar is your best bet.

Your weed retains its best properties when it is kept in a jar. That is because the glass jar doesn’t allow anything to get in or out until you open it. Use mason jars as they are easily available.

That means what you put inside a glass jar stays as good as the time you put it in until the time you open it and expose it to the oxygen.

Also, your herb will taste and smell its best when kept in a glass jar. Glass doesn’t produce a scent so your herb will not be exposed to different odors.

4. The Right Temperature and Humidity:

Storing your cannabis at the right temperature and humidity level is crucial for its cure. Now you know that it should be kept in a cool place away from any heat source like sunlight.

But how cool? The temperatures should be kept below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Storing it in the higher temperatures can cause mold issues. Also, humidity levels should be controlled to keep the mildew and mold constraints away from your herb.

The relative humidity (RH) should not exceed 60 percent. Temperature and humidity control helps maintain the consistency, aroma, color, and flavor of your weed.

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