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No matter how decorated your house is, chipped and damp wall paint can ruin its reputation in minutes. This is why everyone wants their paint jobs to last as long as possible to ensure a beautiful house.

While many try to achieve this feat, only a few know the secrets behind wall paints that last longer and shine better.

In case you are also wondering about the same, you have reached the right place. We have scooped out the best tips and tricks to make your house look great for years:

1. Use High-Quality Paint

The safety of your walls begins even before you paint them. It depends on the type of paint you choose. The higher the quality of your paint is, the longer it will last.

So, whenever you plan to renovate your home, don’t just focus on the colors. Put a lot of emphasis on the quality of the paint. Though it may look costly in the beginning, high-quality paint will last for a longer term.

Moreover, it also resists fading and discoloration due to external factors like rain and sunlight.

Tip: You can opt for washable paints to make it easy for you to clean them.

2. Hire Professionals For Best Painting Techniques

Hire Professionals For Best Painting Techniques

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At times even if you buy the best of paints, the painting technique might become the culprit. Therefore, instead of hiring unskilled workers, try hiring professional interior painters.

They will not just use the best painting techniques but also ensure quality tools for the job. In addition to this, they will also guide you about the pro tips for handling the painted walls well.

Tip: You can go for Aapka Painter if you want an expert’s advice and free consultation along with quality painting services.

3. The Regular Maintenance

As cliché as it may sound, regular maintenance is one of the best ways to make the paint last longer.

Clean your walls with a gentle sponge or pat it with a dry towel to remove the dirt. But this cleaning with water can only be done in cases the paint is washable. For others, you can opt for dusting the walls with a cloth or a soft brush.

Tip: Pay attention to areas like the kitchen, bathroom, or areas such as behind the TV or next to cooking gas which is prone to dirt collection.

4. Watch Out For Dampness

Dampness of Wall Paint

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Dampness can ruin your walls in no time. Thus, make sure you check for any kind of cracks or water leakage soon. The first sign of dampness is the appearance of patches on the wall.

The paint also chips out or bubbles up due to water leakage. Once you witness any of these things, identify the source of water leakage and repair it soon.

Tip: Apply Plaster of Paris (POP) on the surface of walls to avoid cracks and get smooth wall texture.

5. Always Have Leftover Paint on Hand

There are always moments when the walls may get damaged due to accidents or mischievous kids. Thus, always keep and store a small amount of paint for touch-ups.

They can come in handy if you do not wish to repaint the walls every year. However, make sure you store the paints properly to avoid any damage and label the name of rooms to know which color combination should be used where.

Tip: Always store the paint in an airtight container at room temperature.

A house wall paint that stays for long needs a lot of planning and care. With these tips, we are sure your house will stay gorgeous for longer.

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