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You’ve started doing meditation and yoga and it’s transformed your life. You’ve finally gotten to a point where you can face the challenges that this modern life can bring. Yet, at the same time, you still feel like there is more to explore and gain.

Everybody feels this way at a certain point in their healing journey. It isn’t exactly a plateau, but it is a yearning for more. This world that has opened up to you is very vast and there is a lot to still explore and understand.

If this is how you feel then it surely means that you can benefit from getting your chakras aligned. There are 7 chakras in our body that act as wheels or centers of energy.

Each chakra has its purpose and helps your body and mind stay healthy. But, they have to work together.

In this article, I will go over several ways that you can work to align your chakras and get your meditation to the next level.

1 – Use aromatherapy 

Essential oils

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Essential oils are a great way to settle your brain and help your meditation reach a higher level. There are different scents that work well with each of your chakras.

By inhaling these scents, it can open the chakra and allow you to align it with the others. Try to determine which of your seven chakras is closed and then choose the right essential oil for the job.

You can either use a diffuser for the whole room or a bracelet. How to use a diffuser bracelet is easy and works well if you can’t use a scent for the whole house.

Your root or first chakra can be opened up with patchouli oil. Then, try neroli for your second. Pine is ideal for your third chakra aka the solar plexus.

Your fourth is opened up by using rose since it is your heart chakra. The throat or fifth chakra needs some lavender to open.

Sandalwood will open your third eye chakra or your sixth. And, lastly, lime will excite your seventh or crown chakra.

2 – Use toning 

Do Some Meditation

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Sound is an excellent tool to focus on a certain chakra and use the vibrations to excite it. These vibrations will literally shake the chakra awake and allow it to open so you can align it with the others.

The way it works is that you have to do some meditation to try to figure out which chakra is closed. Wherever you feel some resistance to your breathing is likely going to be the chakra that is not aligned.

Then, place a hand over that area and start out with a deep and consistent tone. Not a scream or anything dramatically loud. Just a perfect tone to start the vibration.

Raise your pitch little by little until you reach the pitch that you feel is working.

3 – Your diet 

Eat Some Foods

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The food you eat can also block or close your chakra. Try eating some foods that will help restore the balance in your body to allow your chakra to open back up.

Foods with bright colors are great for this. Deep reds from tomatoes, beets, and watermelon work well. As do oranges like oranges, mangoes, and squash.

Experiment with different color combinations until you find the right foods to help.

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