What you eat not only has an impact on your general health, but it also affects your dental health. Apart from brushing and flossing every day, you need to eat healthily to avoid dental issues such as plaque, cavities, and gum diseases.

Eating healthily will ensure that your teeth remain pearly white. More importantly, good oral health will prevent infections as well as oral cancer.

With a wide range of foods that we eat, understanding which foods are good for your oral health and which you should avoid will help you to make wise choices. Thus, read below to know about the best and the worst foods for your teeth.

Best Foods For Your Teeth

  • Nuts: When it comes to oral health, nuts like peanuts, cashew, almonds are a great choice as they are phosphorous and calcium-rich. Nuts help prevent cavities and gum diseases. Plus, they help strengthen your teeth enamel, protecting it from bacteria and making them resistant to cavities.
  • Yoghurt: While dairy products like milk and cheese are good for oral health due to its high calcium and protein content, yoghurt, in particular, is an excellent choice as it contains probiotics that help prevent bacteria which causes cavities. However, opt for plain yoghurt without any added sugar for healthier mouth hygiene.
  • Green Leafy Vegetables: From protecting your teeth from cavities and preventing gum diseases to building your teeth’s enamel and reducing inflammation, leafy veggies are a powerhouse of essential vitamins and minerals that contributes towards good oral health.
  • Crunchy Fruits and Veggies: Chewing on crunchy fruits and veggies is one of the natural ways to clean your teeth and gums. Rich in fibre and essential nutrients, you can include cucumbers, celery, and raw carrots in your diet. This will help you to naturally scrape away plaque, thus protecting your teeth from cavities and decay.
  • Water: This is the simplest way to improve your oral health. Water contains fluoride that prevents tooth decay. It helps to wash away any lingering food particles after you have eaten. Plus, it helps you to produce enough saliva that keeps your teeth healthy and strong.

Worst Foods For Your Teeth

  • Excessive Tea and Coffee: Tannic acid is found in tea and coffee, which can not only stain your teeth but can also make your mouth go dry – decreasing the saliva levels. Sugary tea and coffee, on the other hand, can make your teeth sticky. Thus, limit your intake and rinse your mouth afterwards with water to prevent cavities.
  • Popcorn: This snacking option is another worst food for your teeth as it can get trapped between your teeth and promote bacterial growth. Likewise, unpopped kernels can cut your gums or damage your tooth enamel.
  • Sugary Drinks and Sodas: One of the primary culprits, sugary drinks & sodas as well as sports drinks contain a high amount of sugar which when combined with the natural bacteria in your mouth can result in tooth decay. It can also stain your teeth, so it is best to avoid them. And, if you do consume these drinks, then make sure to rinse with water afterwards.
  • Pickles: Being acidic in nature, pickles can increase the risk of enamel erosion and trigger tooth decay. Thus, it is best to avoid this to maintain good oral health.

These are just a few foods that you should eat and avoid to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Good oral health equals better general health. Thus, hope this guide helped, and for more information, you can refer to the infographic!

Best And Worst Foods For Your Teeth [Infographic]Best And Worst Foods For Your Teeth Infographic

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