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The Power of Movement: Kinesthetic Learning Strategies to Boost Youth Development

Kinesthetic Learning Strategies to Boost Youth Development

Have you ever watched a child light up excitedly as they build a towering block castle or dance freely to their favorite tune? These moments aren’t just playful; they’re powerful instances of kinesthetic learning – a learning style where movement and physical activity take center stage. Embracing kinesthetic learning strategies can unlock possibilities for youth […]

Important Health Checkups to Keep in Mind for Your Child

Important Health Checkups to Keep in Mind for Your Child

Safeguarding our children’s well-being is a paramount responsibility for parents. A crucial aspect of maintaining their health involves scheduling regular checkups to oversee their growth, development, and overall physical and mental well-being. Timely detection of potential issues enables prompt interventions and enhances overall outcomes. This article will delve into the essential health checkups that parents […]

Increase in Children Seeing Doctors Due to Air Pollution

Children with asthma

A study conducted in south London over a period of over five years discovered an increase in the number of children with asthma, aggravated asthma, and other respiratory diseases. There was also an increase in prescriptions for inhalers for all age groups. Conducted by King’s College researchers, the group analysed approximately 750,000 consultations with GPs […]

Reducing Toxic Heavy Metals in Baby Food Lowers Autism Risk

Baby Food Lowers Autism Risk

A February 2021 congressional report from the Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy uncovered alarming facts concerning the contents of U.S. infant nutrition products. The results indicate the presence of excessive amounts of toxic heavy metals and substandard internal safety policies. Heavy metals are naturally occurring elements that have a significant role in nutrition. Calcium, […]

Asperger’s And Discipline – Real Strategies To Deal With Asperger’s Behavior

Asperger’s And Discipline

People with Asperger’s disorder find it difficult to socialize and communicate with a bunch of people around them. They show inappropriate responses in social gatherings. It’s a Sunday and your children are at a kids’ party with other parents and children. One of your children is suffering from ASP. Everyone is chatting and eating but […]