Have you ever heard of ’brain fog’?

A lack of mental clarity is also commonly referred to as ’brain fog’ and can be as a result of numerous things. Although it is not a permanent problem, it may at times appear as a symptom of other pre-existing medical conditions.

Mental Clarity

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Possible causes of ’brain fog’ or lack of mental clarity include:

1. Stress

Stress is a major factor that can interfere with mental clarity. Chronic stress can result in high blood pressure, weaken the immune system and trigger depression. It becomes increasingly difficult to think, reason and focus when your brain is tired and stressed out.

2. Lack of Sleep

Lack of proper sleep can interfere with mental clarity leading to poor judgment, poor concentration, and cloudy thoughts. 8-9 hours of sleep every day is recommended for sound rest and a clear mind.

3. Diet

Vitamin B-12 deficiency can cause a lack of mental clarity. Allergic reactions to certain foods can also be culprits of triggering brain fog. These include peanuts, aspartame and dairy products among others.

4. Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes can affect memory, causing short-term cognitive impairment, especially during pregnancy when the estrogen and progesterone levels go up. During menopause, lack of mental clarity, poor concentration, and cloudy thinking are as a result of a drop in the levels of the hormone estrogen.

5. Medical Conditions

Medical conditions associated with fatigue, inflammation or changes in blood glucose levels have the ability to cause mental fatigue.

Other conditions that may cause brain fog to include:

  1. Depression
  2. Diabetes
  3. Migraines
  4. Hypothyroidism
  5. Dehydration
  6. Autoimmune diseases such as lupus and arthritis

Essential Oils and the Brain Health

The ability of essential oils to target the limbic system directly makes them a powerful tool for treating many mental health ailments including:

  1. Mental clarity
  2. Concentration and focus
  3. Memory
  4. Brain fog
  5. Brain damage

How to Use Essential Oils for Mental Clarity?

If you are accustomed to studying or going in and out of meetings all day, coffee might very well be one of your best friends to help keep you alert and sharp. Coffee is great for boosting alertness and focus but so are essential oils.

Essential oils

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They do an amazing job of helping your mind focus, concentrate on a matter and generally keep you feeling good even on a busy schedule. Essential oils for mental clarity can be used in the following ways:

  • In an essential oil diffuser – Diffusers being versatile like they are today you can diffuse essential oils in your home, office or in your study sanctuary. Essential oils for mental clarity will help you stay sharp even through a very busy day or schedule.
  • In an essential oil burner – Mental clarity essential oils can be inhaled by use of essential oil burners. This is a great and effective way to stay focused during study
  • Wear them in an essential oil necklace or bracelet – This is an ingenious way to enjoy your favorite essential oil. Not only is it discrete, but it also portable, so that if you are used to studying with a certain scent on you can now enjoy the comfort and focus that blend gives you by wearing it on a bracelet or necklace in an exam room. It will help you keep calm and give you the perspective you need to do the best on an exam
  • In a roller bottle – An essential oil blend in a roller bottle is a convenient way to carry your essential oil to help with your focus during the day. This can be easily stored in your purse, office drawer or school locker for use when you need it. A roll in the desired area and the fragrance will help you lock in on a task like never before.
  • In a bath – The most relaxing way to enjoy essential oils for mental focus is by adding a few drops to your bath. This way you can inhale the fragrance and it will be of great help in starting your day with focused mental clarity.
  • Topical use – It is advisable to have essential oils for mental focus diluted in the desired carrier oil if they are to be used topically. This will reduce any chances of skin irritation.

What Essential Oils are Good for Concentration and Focus?

1. Frankincense Oil

This is oil that dates back to biblical times, often dubbed the ‘king of oils’. It has a very soothing and calming fragrance that comes across as both woody and spicy. It has many uses like easing anxiety and acting as an antiseptic. Frankincense oil fragrance is amazing for mental clarity and is frequently used for meditation as it has the ability to slow the mind and deepen breathing.

2. Rosemary oil

Rosemary oil has a wonderfully vibrant and invigorating scent that is associated with mental clarity. It is for this reason that you will find rosemary featuring prominently in essential oil blends for mental clarity.

3. Peppermint oil

Peppermint essential oil has an amazingly refreshing scent that has an awakening and clarifying effect on the senses including the mind. This aspect makes it an effective essential oil in lifting the mental fog.

4. Vetiver oil

The scent of vetiver is pretty unique. It has a musty, earthy smell like that of a forest floor after rainfall. This oil is known to calm and soothe the mind. More often than not you might go to the study room with a lot of different non-related things to the task at hand playing on your mind.

A whiff of vetiver scent has the ability to dispel anger and irritability helping the mind ‘lock-in’ on the task whether it is studying or running a meeting.

5. Lemon oil

Some instances of a cloudy brain may be as a result of fatigue. Lemon oil has high vibrations that have the ability to boost and enhance mental clarity.

6. Ylang-Ylang oil

The exotic sweet scent of ylang-ylang oil helps your mind relax and provides you that calming effect that helps you have perspective when you need to focus and concentrate on a task.

7. Basil oil

Basil oil is pretty strong and should be used sparingly even after mixing with a carrier oil. The uplifting effect of basil oil keeps your mind sharp and you will find helpful in terms of focus when you are going to meetings or studying. Its ability to clear the mind and relieve mental fatigue allows mental clarity and cultivates mental strength.

8. Eucalyptus oil

The clear and sharp distinctive smell of eucalyptus is unmistakable. Amongst the many benefits that this oil possesses is helping the mind with clarity especially when suffering from a cold or flu that leaves your mind foggy.

Eucalyptus is very effective in clearing the head from stuffiness from cold when you have to study or work in an environment or on a task that requires sharpness.

9. Sweet orange oil

The scent of sweet orange oil is very uplifting and conjures good memories which are what you need at times to help you stay sharp focused and upbeat. This oil is known to improve cognitive function. The happy, relaxed feeling that this scent promotes will help you stay calm and focused on a task.

DIY Essential Oil Blends for Mental Clarity

Recipe # 1

Shower Melt that ‘wakes you up’


  1. 20 drops of lemon oil
  2. Ice cube tray
  3. Spray bottle
  4. 1 cup of cornstarch
  5. A half cup of baking soda


  1. Mix the lemon oil, cornstarch, and baking soda together in a bowl
  2. Using the sprayer, spray some water into the mixture while using your other hand to mix and scoop the mixture of ingredients into a small shape.
  3. Be careful not to add too much water as you only need a little to help the ingredients to hold together
  4. You will need a silicon cube tray, to stuff the little molds, put in the refrigerator and leave to set for an hour or two.
  5. Once set, remove and store in a large jar.
  6. Place one on the shower floor every time you want to take a shower. The cube will naturally melt from the pressure and heat of the shower releasing that amazing lemon fragrance that wakes up all your senses and clears any mental fog.

Recipe # 2

’Pick me up’ Blend


  1. 2 drops of orange oil
  2. 2 drops of lavender oil
  3. 2 drops of sandalwood oil


Mix the oils together and place them in a roller bottle. Apply on your skin after your morning shower and use throughout the day as needed.

Recipe # 3

’Wind Down’ Blend


  1. 10 drops of lemon oil
  2. 10 drops of lavender oil
  3. 5 drops of sweet marjoram oil
  4. 5 drops of basil oil


Place the drops in your bath water and soak in it until the water becomes tepid. Apply some lemon and lavender oil on your skin before bed to wake up to an invigorated and clear mind.


In this day and age of busy schedules from work to school to managing a home, it can at times be a bit daunting trying to keep all the balls in the air. Sometimes it can be a major battle to switch off from work while at home and vice versa, such that your mental frame seems to be on overdrive 24/7. At times like this, you could use a little help from essential oils that can help you restore that balance to mental health.

Mental Health

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The elaborately above mentioned essential oils and blends can help you both relax and focused on the task at hand whether home or work.

Select essential oils can help you clear the mind, relax and have perspective on a given task so that you are able to concentrate, remain upbeat and get the job done.

Not all purported mental clarity oils in the market are made equal. Some are far less inferior because of lack of purity and quality ingredients while some are clearly superior and effective because of choice ingredients and stringent manufacturing processes.

Even the best of minds could use a little help at times. Essential oils for mental clarity could be the missing piece in your puzzle.

About the Author:

Sascha Whitefield became interested in essential oils about 5 years ago and since then it is his hobby, passion and significant part of life. He is the founder of Serenity Drop – a trusted source of information about essential and carrier oils, their benefits, side effects, news on the market and more.

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