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We all lead different lifestyles. Some of us are constantly active, while others prefer the comforts of home and a good book or movie. Whatever the case, your lifestyle can impact the health of your hair and in negative cases, the result is, unfortunately, hair loss or weakened strands. Hair loss can be caused by a lack of essential mineral and while the loss of hair could be solved with a Longevita Hair Transplant, improving your diet could promote better hair growth in the long run. These transplants involve hair follicles being harvested from a strong part of the scalp and then transplanted individually through a series of grafts. The process is very beneficial and can change someone’s self-esteem. Here, we’re looking at other ways in which your lifestyle can affect the condition of your hair.

1. Exercise

By keeping up with a regular exercise routine, you can maintain a healthy heart which in turn promotes good circulation. With good circulation, of course, the scalp’s blood flow is of course improved. Through improvements in circulation, essential nutrients are delivered to your hair follicles faster and more efficiently, in turn keeping the hair strong and healthy. It’s your choice which sport to take up or which exercise to do, but get your heart pumping and your hair is more likely to stay healthy!

2. Balanced Diet

Maintain a balanced diet to ensure that you are receiving the vital vitamins and minerals for your hair.

As much as foods containing Vitamin A are seen to be some of the healthiest and you are encouraged to eat them, too much of it can have an adverse effect on your health which can lead to hair loss. A lack of protein can lead to weak, brittle and breakable hair. If you don’t intake enough protein then your body tries to conserve the little amount of protein from elsewhere in your body and your hair won’t grow properly. Consuming fast food decreases the intake of healthy vitamins and minerals which are crucial for hair growth.

3. Smoking

Smoking is an unhealthy habit that too many of us still partake in, which can accelerate the aging process and cause hair loss in both men and women. Hair loss by smoking is caused by the smoke damaging the DNA of the hair follicle and reducing our physical health overall. A healthy body means healthy hair, so if you haven’t already, try and kick the habit. (See also: How Can Smoking Cause Hair Loss)

4. Visit The Dentist

Yes, really! Research has shown a correlation with the way hair fibers are arranged and an increased risk of needing fillings. The link you would be able to notice is between dental infection and bald spots. Visit the dentist regularly to ensure your teeth are healthy so your hair can remain healthy too.

5. Skin

Skin conditions can be linked to hair loss. For example, for those who have seborrheic dermatitis, a skin condition that causes flakes, scales and red blotches, then hair loss is likely to occur when the infection appears on a person’s scalp. Keeping your skin clean and healthy can help to ensure that you don’t lose your hair. Coconut oil is good to hydrate the skin without a greasy residue. (See also: Beauty Tips To Improve Your Skin Health And Appearance)

6. Worry and Stress

Stress and worry have many side effects, including panic attacks, depression, and stomach aches. That stressed and anxious feeling can accelerate your hair becoming grey. Managing your stress and anxiety with deep breathing and exercises can help your hair to maintain your health as well as the rest of your body. (See also: Anti-stress Techniques: Watching Your Breathing)

Your lifestyle really does have a huge impact on your hair. Try and fit in exercise daily and start eating more of a balanced diet to help improve your health and hair.

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