With the help of the modern technology, education does not have to be limited to schools, classrooms and teachers. Technology can actually play the role of the teacher as students can use it to gather information from websites and online tutorials, for example. The development of the human brain is greatly influenced by technology, as the technology writer Nicholas Carr stated, so when we learned to read our brains gained the ability to be focused and creative, and on the other hand, the expansion of the Internet is enhancing our ability to skim for information quickly and successfully.

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Technology makes it easy for children to pay attention and this is crucial as learning is a long-term process, which is much more than solving math equations and for increasing mental focus. Also, it can be very helpful for parents who cannot always help their children with homework because of lack of time. Parents can simply visit a website and find out what their kid is supposed to do, or contact the teacher via email. Naturally, the quality of the teaching process increases with the use of technology, as the teacher’s job of organizing classes, assessing progress, visualizing concepts, and so on, is much easier.

Technology Can Change How Attention Works

Basically, attention is the most important prerequisite to thinking, as it determines the quality of perception, memory, learning, creativity, problem-solving, decision-making, language, etc. Attention is mostly influenced by the environment in which it is used. To illustrate, lions, tigers, and other predators have a highly developed visual ability so they can easily spot and pursue their prey. On the contrary, their prey such as antelopes and deer, have a greatly skilled auditory attention so they can hear a predator when he is nearby.

So, in the past children spent a lot of time reading and developed attention, imagination and memory. When the TV was invented, children were provided with a visual stimulus, which eliminated the need for constant attention and imagination as well. The invention of the Internet completely changed the environment that surrounds children, and because distractions are numerous now, consistent attention is no longer possible, imagination is irrelevant and memory is repressed.

Upsides of Technology Use

But, technology can be very beneficial as, for example, the use of Internet search engines improves children’s skills of remembering where to find things. This can be crucial because, in today’s world, it is much more important to know where to find something that to actually know. Also, as the brain does not have to memorize information, it can focus on problem solving, critical thinking and contemplation.

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Video games, for instance, improve visual and spatial abilities, ameliorate attentional capability, make reactions times faster and upgrade the identification of details. Of course, kids should not spend all of their time playing video games, but it is certainly advisable to let your kid play some free educational kids games every now and then.

Early Use of Technology Can Create a Good Foundation for the Future

One of the upsides of the technological expansion is that there are now numerous business opportunities available. It is quite common that families introduce their children to work by giving them a chance to make money by babysitting, dog walking or lawn mowing, for instance. But, why to put boundaries on children if they have the potential to learn skills which are highly valued and very well paid.

So, children can start small and make some money by doing tech tasks such as scanning business cards, ripping CDs, manage cables, etc. As time passes, they will become accustomed to using devices and learn that it takes work to make those devices work properly. As they get older you can assign them more serious tasks such as web designing or web developing. As a consequence, such child will grow into a person who is responsible, organized and capable of making money on its own. Not to mention all the skills learned.

Technology Should Definitely Be Used in the Education Process

Considering all the facts stated, the wise thing to do is to incorporate technology into your kids’ education. The key thing to do, however, is to try to maintain a balance between technology and traditional learning methods. This way kids can equally develop skills they will need when they grow up.

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