If you’ve ever been to any of the best eyelash extensions salons then you’ll be familiar with the initial consultation where your natural eye shape will be assessed, so that the perfect lash extension style can be accurately chosen.

Once they’ve got a rough style in mind they’ll then see what they’re working with (meaning the condition of your natural lash) – because long extensions can’t be attached to naturally short lashes.

The infographic below will help you more easily figure out which eyelash extension style will suit your natural eye shape – because lash extensions aren’t a one size fits all treatment!

It’s important to remember that everyone has a unique eye shape, and yours might be a combination of two or more of the eye shapes displayed – if that’s the case just choose the shape which you think most closely matches your eye shape.

And it’s also worth noting that if you don’t like the eyelash extension style that best matches your eye shape then that’s fine just choose something else. There’s more to style matching than shape alone!

A good lash technician will take into account the event you might be attending as well as your particular style and personality and even the type of work of physical activities you do in order to figure out the type of eyelash extensions that will suit you perfectly…

This is the real difference between a run of the mill lash salon who simply lay you down and get to work as quickly as possible like you’re just a walking wallet, and a professional eyelash technician who really cares about the result, and goes to great effort during the entire process to make sure you’re completely comfortable, and that your lashes last as long as possible by doing all the extra prep work that goes with great eyelash extensions.

Enjoy the infographic and we hope it helps you in your quest to perfect lashes!

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