Hey, guys get in here ASAP!. Finding the perfect condom should be easy as A, B, C and doesn’t have to pose many complications. However, some guy lack this basic knowledge. Thanks to the infographics below, all that is about to change. Below, I will provide information on how to calculate for the right condom size, a condom size chart will also be inserted to help you find that perfect fitting for utmost pleasure and safety.

The perfect condom size is important to avoid condom slipping or breaking during intercourse, which may result in unwanted pregnancy and contracting of an STD. To find a solution using the appropriate condom size.

How to measure for the perfect condom size;

  • Use a piece of string or measuring tape and measure the circumference/ around the thickest part of your penis when erect/ in its erected state.
  • Measure the strengthen length with a ruler to ascertain the distance, the result you achieve is your circumference.
  • Compare this circumference with the average to get a rough idea of where you stand. If your circumference is less than 4.6 inches then you are going for the snugger fit condom like Lifestyles Snugger fit or Caution Wear Iron Grip. Anything larger than that might cause condom slippage.

If you are between 4.6 and 5.1 inches, then you can use regular condoms such as Durex extra sensitive,  Crown Skinless Skin and Trojan ultra-thin.

If you are more than 5.1 inches then you definitely use a large condom such as Trojan Magnum XL, Lifestyle KYNG, Glyde Maxi, Durex XXL or TheyFit Custom fit. Anything less than that, then there might be incidents of a condom breaking during intercourse.

In conclusion, choosing the best condom is very easy as long as you are able to go through with the above information.

Find Your Perfect Condom
source: condom-sizes.org

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