The condition of our skin is determined by our skin type, which is influenced by both genetic and environmental/lifestyle factors. While we can manipulate and protect against the latter, we must consider and work with the former.

Understanding our skin type is crucial to properly caring for our skin. Different skin types require different approaches, as what works for one type may be harmful to another.

Therefore, before trying new products or methods, it is crucial to evaluate your skin type first.

Keep in mind that skin type can fluctuate on a daily basis, particularly for women, due to hormonal changes during monthly cycles. For example, someone with dry skin may experience periods of oiliness.

It is also important to note that skin type can change over years and decades due to various factors, such as environmental conditions, hormones, age, and personal health issues.

Thus, it is necessary to regularly assess your skin type to ensure that the products you use are suitable.

Your Skin Type

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