Weight loss can be a frustrating journey for many folks; I believe weight loss is made even harder by the amount of misinformation floating around. In fact, it appears there is a new way to lose weight that seems to periodically trend the Internet. For the most part, none of these crazes work! If you have ever struggled with weight loss I am sure you will appreciate this.

While losing weight can be very testing, it’s important to stay level headed and not buy into these fad diets and crazy money-spinning methods! Steer clear of pharmaceutical drugs and look for a sensible and natural way to lose weight.

Weight loss should also be viewed as improving your health; after all, obesity is proven to increase the risks of a ton of diseases and health problems. Moreover, weight loss is first and foremost a lifestyle; live healthily and look healthy.

With that said, did you know about two powerful weight loss “tools” that don’t cost a penny? Meditation and yoga are both great for weight loss. Although the practices of yoga and meditation are mostly discounted by the western world, there are at least 3 facts that you really should know about yoga and meditation and how they can be used to lose weight.
Needless to say, a ton of people resort to emotional eating in order to deal with stressful situations. Meditation is a great way of dealing with stress and emotional responses. With enough practice, stress-related emotional eating can be remedied.

Yoga on the other hand, if practiced at least on a weekly basis, can increase habitual breathing volume and thus improve oxygen levels within the body.

What does that mean for you I hear you say?

Simply put – everything needs oxygen to burn and body fat is no exception. With around nine calories per gram, fat is extremely energy dense and therefore requires way more oxygen to burn than sugar. Deep yoga breathing is an excellent way of getting the necessary oxygen to burn the fat.

For more information on yoga and meditation for weight loss, check out the infographic.


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