Many people say that their smile is their most beautiful feature. Bacteria, however, can cause a host of dental problems, including tartar buildup and tooth decay. Discover the following four ways you can help keep your smile safe.

Limit Acidic Foods

Keep your teeth enamel intact by limiting foods such as lemons, sweets, soda, and coffee. Acidic foods and drinks can erode your enamel, and this enamel erosion can cause cavities. Once these cavities erode the enamel, they work to decay teeth.

Cavities that reach the inner layer of the tooth can affect nerve fibers, making teeth sensitive to temperature and causing toothaches. You can prevent these cavities by reducing the number of acidic foods you consume and following regular teeth cleaning routine.

Remember to Floss

Remember to Floss

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Many people know to brush their teeth twice a day, but flossing should also be the core of your daily routine. Many cavities form between the teeth, and flossing is extremely helpful in preventing plaque buildup. If plaque lingers on teeth, it forms tartar, a corrosive matter that only your dentist can remove.

Flossing is also the main way to prevent gum disease, which adults are especially susceptible to due to the natural recession of their gums. Gum disease adds to your risk of tooth loss and cavities. Dental implants offered by Chandler Implants and Periodontics in the greater Phoenix, Arizona, area, for example, can protect your teeth from the damage you suffer if you lose a tooth and don’t replace it, as decayed teeth are often sites of infection.

Replace Your Toothbrush

Electric toothbrush heads and manual toothbrushes both suffer from wear and tear. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends replacing your toothbrush every few months or as soon as the bristles wear out.

A worn or unclean toothbrush can also transfer old bacteria to your teeth instead of cleaning them, making clean and regular toothbrush replacements a necessity. Abscessed teeth, teeth affected by this bacteria, and untreated tooth decay can cause swelling of the gums and toothaches. These risks increase the need for regular teeth brushing to help prevent these problems from occurring inside your mouth.

Use a Fluoride Toothpaste

Once your toothbrush passes muster, you need a powerful toothpaste to fully remove harmful bacteria from your teeth. The ADA recommends fluoride toothpaste to kill the bacteria responsible for cavities and severe tooth decay. Teeth absorb fluoride as the fluoride passes through your saliva. Fluoride toothpaste and many local water supplies are good sources for this cavity-fighting agent.

It’s far easier to have a strong oral hygiene routine than to deal with problems such as gum disease and abscessed teeth. As we’ve detailed here, limiting acidic foods can make you healthier and keep your teeth enamel strong. Flossing and brushing regularly removes bacteria that causes tooth decay. You can also protect your enamel and kill this bacteria by replacing toothbrushes regularly and using fluoride toothpaste.

With these tools and your resulting healthy teeth, you’ll always have one more reason to smile.

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