Breast Enlargement Surgery a Good Idea

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Are breast Increase and elevation without surgery possible?

The tradition about enlarges and reaffirmation of breasts without surgery.

On the internet, in books, and in the written press we read miraculous recipes to increase the breast firmness with creams, massages or exercises.

The low cost of these products compared to surgery make many women try them. The result: a chest equal in size or firmness but less money in your pocket.

What is the female breast like?

Anatomy of the female breast

The breast is a highly specialized skin gland. It begins its development in women between nine and fourteen years becoming a secondary sexual characteristic. It is composed of skin, mammary gland, connective tissue and adipose (fat) and areola and nipple.

The amount of glandular and fatty tissue is what will give the final volume to the breast. Its shape is determined in addition to its composition, its anatomical support and the way in which the chest has developed within the coetaneous structure.

Holding the breast

Cooper’s ligaments would fix the breast tissue to the skin. They are structures that for some anatomists contribute to holding the breast and their loss of elasticity contributes to the ptosis of the breast (fallen), but for other anatomists, they have no function of restraint.

Most of the breast rests on the pectoralis major. The lower part rests on the serratus major and external oblique. The lower part rests on the rectus abdominis. None of these muscles hold or firm the breast just serves as a support.

More information about the classification of degrees of breast fall

So what gives firmness to the breast?

The muscles on which it rests do not firm the breast. The firmness of the chest is given by its size (large breasts tend to fall earlier), the quality of the skin and possibly Cooper’s ligaments. We regret to say that we can only indirectly influence the quality of the skin, but not to the point of preventing the sinus from falling (at the very least, delaying it a bit).

The aging of the skin, the increase or decrease of fat, the atrophy of the mammary gland and hormonal factors or lactation contribute to the ptosis (fall) of the breast. Processes that vary a lot depending on the characteristics of the breast and the skin of the woman. A thin skin shows more tendencies to fall. Failure to use the bra may cause the breast to show ptosis earlier.

What does not serve to increase or firm the chest

Creams that increase the chest

There are no creams that increase breast size or decrease it. A cream can improve the appearance of the skin but not increase or reduce the percentage of fat or mammary gland that is ultimately what gives volume to the breast.

The frequent use of cream could (at least theoretically) keep the skin more elastic and delay the sinus fall.

Breast reaffirmation with physical exercises or electrotherapy

Another belief is that the pectoral muscle helps hold the chest. Actually, as we have described, this muscle does not perform any function of securing the breast. Strengthen the chest muscles, consequently will not raise the breast. Therefore, exercises to strengthen the pectoral, or the application of excito-motor currents devices (passive gymnastics) are useless for this purpose.

In fact, excess physical exercise can contribute to the loss of fat tissue and therefore to the shrinkage of the breast. Many women professional athletes of bodybuilding or fitness come to us to perform breast augmentation with breast implants.

Cold water jets

There is a popular belief that applying jets of cold water on the breasts strengthens and reaffirms the breast. The cold causes a temporary vasoconstriction of the skin, giving a momentary sensation of firmness. As soon as the temperature of the skin normalizes, the breast will recover its normal tone. The jets of cold water are beneficial because the organism reacts to vasoconstriction with a subsequent vasodilation; creating a micro-massage effect, which allows an improvement in metabolic exchanges, revitalizing the tissue.

Applying jets of water is an excellent vascular gymnastics, but it is not an effective method of reaffirmation. (See also: 5 Recovery Tips to Achieve Optimal Results after Breast Augmentation)

Reaffirmation massages

By performing a vigorous massage on the breast, we are causing a local and momentary edema by attracting blood to the tissue. As a result, the breast temporarily swells and the nipple rises. If we measure the chest after a vigorous massage, we can see a clear improvement. But this improvement is ephemeral. After a few minutes, it disappears.

Cosmetic surgery of the chest

Breast Enlargement Surgery may be an effective way to act on the size or firmness of the breast.

The options that we propose are:

  • Breast augmentation with implants
  • Breast augmentation with own fat

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