Prepare Your Family for a Long Car Trip

Over the years, road trips have become a favorite pastime for families, who often spent myriad hours in cars traveling the country on holidays and vacations.

Even now, we bet you are on this page because you are planning a fun road trip with your family.

When planning a long car trip with your family, you need to consider various factors, especially if you are traveling with children. Safety and nutrition are your top priorities.

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A long road trip basically means long-distance driving. So, if you made a deal with your family to spend time and bond with one another by hopping into your vehicle for a long car trip, consider these tips to help you prepare for a safe and enjoyable one!

Do a Car Check-up

Before hitting the long road, going for a vehicle check-up is common sense; it is like going to a battle with fully functional armor.

Have a reliable car mechanic check the battery, belts, tires, air conditioner, and locks of your vehicle.

Don’t skip or ignore this step, as it ensures that the car is in good running condition. Also, if you plan on driving in a hot climate, use higher viscosity motor oil.

Get a Good Amount of Quality Sleep

Drowsy driving is the main cause of thousands of car accidents every day around the world. Before your planned departure, get a good night’s sleep for at least two nights in a row to stock up on your energy and keep you going for those evening hours when you need to be fully awake. This doesn’t only apply to you but to other family members as well.

You may not get a full, sound sleep while on long road trips, so preparing your body and mind by getting enough rest beforehand will make you more energized. If possible, switch seats with another adult on board every few hours.

Drive only when you are well-rested. This needs to be stressed because many accidents happen due to the drowsiness of the driver. These are serious accidents that result in injuries, lawsuits, criminal charges, and even fatalities.

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Prepare Your Emergency Kit

Before you leave for an adventure, make sure to stock your emergency kit up. You never know when you will need it, so better safe than sorry.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) advises that the following should be included in your emergency kit:

  • First-aid kit
  • Water
  • Flashlight
  • Warm blanket
  • Tire tools
  • Jumper cables
  • A fully charged cell phone
  • Road flares

 Pack Healthy Foods

Going on a long road trip is a great way to bond and share precious moments with your family.

Although there will be stops along the way, stocking up on food is essential for when you need a quick snack to keep your energy high.

Chips and other junk foods are okay, but packing healthier foods such as fruits and granola bars are recommended. Don’t forget to bring some fun snacks that are ideal for children, as well.

Mind the Sun

Summer is a perfect time for long road trips, but this also means you need to mind the sun. Pack items that will defend you from the sun’s heat, such as eyeglasses, sunblock, and caps, and hats. If possible, invest in a good sunshade, especially for the back seat for the kids.

Remember that the skin of your little ones is tender and sensitive. Bring blankets, so when getting out of the car, you can use them to cover the safety seats and car seats to prevent them from getting too hot. Before sitting your child in the seat, do a quick touch test to avoid burns.

Get the Right Booster Seat

When traveling with kids, booster seats are recommended. A good booster seat provides many benefits for your child.

Using one instead of just a seatbelt decreases the risk of injury to kids in cars. Before proceeding with your road trip, make sure to have a booster seat or safety seat properly installed.

Get the Right Booster Seat

Scheduled Stops

A crucial part of long road trips is keeping your focus and maintaining good circulation. That’s why it is essential to plan your stops along the way as they allow you to stretch your back and legs from being in hours of sitting. Experts suggest that a stop every two hours is ideal.

Plan for Entertainment

Whether we admit it or not, long car trips are not for everyone, especially kids. Often, such trips lead to bickering and complaining and the dreaded question, “Are we there yet?”

This can add to the feeling of fatigue on the part of the driver. To keep all these away from your beloved road trip and ensure that everyone enjoys the moment, prepare games, books, puzzles, and stories to keep children entertained.

Long road trips may sound boring to many, but with the right preparation and creative imagination, they can be an excellent way to keep the closeness within your family unit.

While it is important to ensure that everyone enjoys the time, it is also crucial to stay safe throughout the whole journey.

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