Excessive Anger

Anger can be beneficial for you so long as it’s addressed and managed correctly. After all, anger is an emotion that everybody feels. However, unhealthy and excessive episodes of anger can cause severe problems in your life. When the feeling of anger lasts for an extended period, coping with little irritations can become difficult. Not only does this have the risk of pushing your loved ones away from you for good, but it also affects your physical well-being.

If you’re prone to lashing out at someone, here are the essential reasons why you should learn how to control your temper and stay calm as much as possible.

  1. It can worsen your anxiety – It’s important to note that excessive anger coupled with uncontrollable worry can interfere with a person’s life. If you’re a worrier, you may have a hard time dealing with your emotions, which makes it even harder for you to focus or accomplish tasks. Moreover, the more angry and anxious you are, the less likely you’re able to have fun and enjoy, which is essential for your overall wellness.
  2. It can cause depression – Studies have shown that anger and depression are connected. When you are depressed, your daily activities will be affected. You’ll start having feelings of guilt, shame, or remorse, especially when you act out in ways that you will later on regret. If you’ve been struggling with depression mixed with anger, find time to get busy and prevent yourself from overthinking.
  3. It can shorten your lifespan – Prolonged bouts of anger have nothing beneficial to contribute to your well-being. If you’re angry for an extended period, you are reducing your lifespan. The more you hold your anger, the more you put your general health at risk. Remember, stress linked with anger can harm multiple systems of your body. It may even cause some health issues, such as a headache, insomnia, abdominal pain, and skin problems.
  4. It can weaken your immune system – Being mad at all times doesn’t have a good effect on your bodily functions. You’ll even find yourself always sick because the negative emotion you’re feeling weakens your immune system. Thus, if you’re angry with something, be sure you learn some effective coping strategies. Find a way to restructure your thoughts to help you cope with feelings of rage adequately.
  5. It can compromise your work – What needs to be accomplished at work can be severely affected if you have poorly managed anger and frustration. People may avoid working with you because of your temper. As a result, your anger problems can compromise not just your work performance but also the company’s productivity. What’s even worse is the possibility of losing your job because your uncontrollable anger caused you to verbally assault a coworker.
  6. It can strain relationships – Excessive anger can damage any relationship. Whether it’s marriage, family, or friendship, your inability to manage anger can ruin anything that’s important to your life. For instance, intense outburst with your partner can destroy your relationship and break families apart. Moreover, witnessing frequent anger in the household can be a traumatic experience for your children. If your anger is out of control, your social well-being will also be at stake.
  7. It can result in incarceration – Uncontrolled anger can lead to hostility and lawsuits. For example, you got angry so easily when a motorist cuts you off; you jumped out of your car and attacked another person. You may find yourself in court, which is a costly and stressful process to deal with. Not only that but you may also end up getting incarcerated for the physical aggressions you’ve done against others.


Anger is a natural feeling, but it becomes a toxic emotion once you allow yourself to be consumed by it. Consequently, it can significantly affect your entire health and well-being. If you feel like anger is making your life miserable, it’s best if you become aware of these long-term consequences so you can start improving yourself. However, if you’re having a difficult time affecting that change, speaking to professionals like the ones at Psychologist Southern Sydney can be a huge help. They will provide you with some anger management techniques so you can manage your anger better and you can live a happy and healthy life.

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