Switch to Lavender Toothpaste

The importance of a bright and shiny smile can’t possibly be overstated. There is something about starting (and ending) your day just right – with the perfect teeth brushing session.

Considering the expensive and rather painful nature of dental treatments, many people consider prevention to be better than cure.

Switching to lavender toothpaste is considered to be a prudent move by many, as it not just has a great smell but also contains a large number of vitamins that protect and enhance the quality of your teeth.

Here is a quick guide that evaluates the perks of using lavender toothpaste, and reasons why it should be what you switch to.

Why Lavender?

The taste of toothpaste is one of the main things that determine the buying behavior of many people.

Sharp and minty kinds of toothpaste are most frequently bought as they induce a sense of freshness and the feeling of cleanliness in the oral cavity.

Lavender toothpaste is something new in the market and is known generally for its distinct taste and smell.

Research has also proved that there are many dental health benefits to using this particular kind of toothpaste, primarily due to the fact that it is made up of natural ingredients.

Benefits of Lavender Toothpaste

With more people getting conscious about their dental hygiene, consumers have been searching for toothpaste that works beyond taste and freshness.

There is an increased need for tubes of toothpaste that promise to take care of the teeth themselves as well as the mouth that they inhabit.

Here is a list of reasons why using lavender toothpaste may be a good idea.

  • Good for Sensitivity: one of the prime benefits of using lavender toothpaste is the fact that it is made up of natural ingredients. Instead of using the stronger chemicals often present in other kinds of toothpaste, the lavender-based tubes of toothpaste contain potassium nitrates which help fight against sensitivity.
  • Enriched with Vitamins: lavender toothpaste contains a variety of different vitamins that are known to help fight bacteria but also keep the gums in a healthy condition. The vitamins present include Vitamin A, C, and E, which are vital to ensure the gums are healthy, to ensure the well-being of the teeth at large.
  • No more Cavities: anyone who has ever been to a dentist is afraid of this particular ‘C’ word – cavities. They are such a nightmare. Fluoride kinds of toothpaste are known to be good at fighting cavities as they contain fluoride which helps prevent the formation of cavities.
  • Better Whitening Ability: lavender toothpaste is known for its ability to whiten teeth which makes sure your smile does not have a dull moment.
  • Balanced pH: since lavender toothpaste is made of natural ingredients one of the benefits of using it is the idea that it has a neutral 7.0 pH. This means that the acidic and alkaline components of the toothpaste are perfectly in balance.

Lavender Toothpaste and the Environment

As its name suggests, lavender toothpaste is made using natural ingredients. Sustainable use of natural ingredients is one of the prime ways to protect the environment.

Traditionally toothpaste generally contains ingredients that are formed using animal fats, but lavender kinds of toothpaste mostly avoid such ingredients which classify them as vegan, as they are made cruelty-free.


One of the most essential things to protecting your bright smile is the daily use of lavender toothpaste. This kind of toothpaste is a good idea as it helps you step away from the use of the common mint toothpastes, while also being a better choice for your oral hygiene.

Not just is this a good option to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy but is also a way to protect the environment at large.

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