Treating UTI’s

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In a world that is full of snake oil salesmen always trying to push something down your throat for a buck out of your pocket, there are many myths about UTIs.

Remember this condition affects more than 50 percent of women in the world. What that means is that there is a ready market for all manner of supplements, mythical products, drinks, antibiotics, and foods that promise heaven and deliver nothing short of hell.

Therefore, if you have ever been a victim of UTI, you should find out what works and what does not so that you can save money.

Myths about treating UTIs

1. Cranberry juice is all you need to prevent and treat UTI

Actually, studies have shown that cranberry juice does not have enough of the required ingredients that treat UTIs. Thus, it would be much better to a cranberry pill rather than the juice alone.

However, you may take cranberry juice with other compatible medication for UTI to enhance the prevention of this condition.

Another myth regarding the use of cranberry is that when you see sure signs of UTI, you should take cranberry juice or a pill to start treating your condition.

You must get a urine culture and probably, antibiotics. Here are some amazing tips to prevent UTIs naturally.

2. Long antibiotic treatment is better than a short one

For UTI treatment, the best length of time that the doctor will prescribe is 3 to 5 days. Any period longer than that for taking antibiotics can have serious ramifications.

One of them is that your system could develop antibiotic resistance.

In any case, long-course antibiotic treatment does not guarantee that you are going to be rid of the infection.

Just stick to the prescription and most importantly, never self-treat. Consult a doctor. But there are alternatives to antibiotics that you can use as well.

3. A urine culture is not necessary every time you have UTI

This is wrong. You should always have a urine culture because different bacteria can cause UTI, thereby warranting a different type of treatment.

You should know that UTI is caused when bacteria that exist in or on our bodies get inside the wrong places, such as the urinary tract.

Truths about treating UTIs

1. Antibiotics work

They are probably the fastest way to get rid of a UTI. However, you should stick to the prescription as advised by the doctor.

Take them for the required days and even if you feel well before you are done with the dose, do not stop.

Again, do not take them for too long because you can develop antibiotic resistance.

2. There are more symptoms than just the burning sensation when urinating

Just because you do not have that burning sensation when urinating, that does not mean you have not contracted a UTI. Pain is one of many indicators of UTI.

Sometimes, you may even have UTI and not even experience the burning sensation.

Cloudy urine, smelly urine, unexplained fatigue, blood in the urine, and lower back pain are also symptoms of UTI.

3. Home treatments for UTI work

Home treatments for UTIs work. However, they take time, much longer than medical treatment. But the best of the home remedies for UTIs does not stop there.

They also prevent the occurrence of UTIs in the future. Some of the home remedies for UTIs include drinking water frequently for more frequent urination, taking enough vitamin C, and even taking herbal supplements.

Do not hold urine in as doing so allows bacteria to attach themselves onto the walls of the bladder.

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