People who have joint pain or injuries often need a low impact fitness option that gives them exercise without straining the body. Other people might want to find a way to combine therapeutic exercises with the buoyancy of water, soothing heat and add in some fun as well. Your home hot tub is an amazing way to exercise, and it doubles as a warm-up, and an after workout relaxation space. Here are some water-based exercises that you can do in the comfort of your hot tub, as long as you have permission from your doctor.

1. Stretches

Warm water can help to loosen up your muscles. This makes the hot tub the ideal place to stretch before your workout, and after you finish. You can let yourself soak for a few minutes, and then stretch your quad and hamstrings, and your biceps and shoulders. This should help limber up your legs and arms.

2. Arm Circles

Your hot tub can help you achieve the defined and toned arms of your dreams. Hold your arms down by your side, then curl them upwards from the elbow. You can also do arm circles by holding your arms out straight and work them around in circles to build up your shoulder and triceps muscles. You can do both arms at once or one at a time.

3. Light Weights

You can use light weights, or you can do lifts empty-handed. You should perform 10 to 15 repetitions per set and start out doing 3 sets. You can do more as you build up your muscle and your endurance.

4. Leg and Hip Lifts

Working on increasing the strength in your legs can help to improve your balance, supports the back muscles, and decreases the risk of further or future injury. Stand up in the hot tub and use the walls or the edge of the tube for extra support. Extend your leg out, and to the side. You can loosen your hips by bringing your knee up as close to your chest as you can manage. Lower your leg and extend it behind you in a smooth motion. Repeat this with the other knee.

You should do 10 to 15 repetitions of both exercises per set and do 3 sets of each. You can increase the number of repetitions and the number of sets as you build muscle and grow stronger.

5. Aerobics

Aerobics can add a cardio element to your home spa. Bicycle kicks are a good cardio exercise, and the water can help support your body so it’s lower impact. You should sit in the spa with your legs toward the center. Hold onto the edge of the spa seat with both hands to support yourself. Elevate your legs, but make sure they remain in the water. Make a circular pedaling motion, the same as you would if you were riding a bicycle. Pedal for around 30 seconds, but make sure you vary the speed you’re moving your legs. Take a short break and begin the rep again. You should do these three times. Use a wireless spa sound system to help you find a rhythm with your favorite music.

When you’re exercising in your hot tub, make sure you pay attention to your body. Get out of the tub if you feel light-headed. Make sure you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. The great thing about using your hot tub to work out is that you are already in the perfect place to cool down and relax post workout! Have a refreshing beverage like cucumber or lemon water on hand to soak, relax and rehydrate post workout.

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Scott Bland has been in the leisure industry for nearly 20 years.  As a sales manager in the leisure industry, he knows hot tubs inside and out.  Right now, he works sales while writing about hot tubs, pools, and spas on his blog,

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