Nutrition and Diet Therapy

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A good diet is one that provides your body with all the necessary nutrients, minerals and vitamins. It should help your body to function at its best. Nutrition does not just help you stay healthy but also provides the necessary motivation to work hard and achieve your goals. It keeps you healthy both physically and mentally and boosts your efficiency. Your family doctor can detect the deficiencies or may suggest some dietary changes. But a registered dietician in Melbourne would assess your current diet and health condition. He/she will provide you with a detailed meal plan to develop healthy eating habits. The benefits of good nutrition are beyond your expectations. You can manage and even get rid of several health issues just by adjusting your diet. Diet therapy can help you in the following conditions.

  1. Mitigate the risk of heart ailments, diabetes, stroke, osteoporosis, etc
  2. Control high blood pressure and cholesterol
  3. Improve immunity power to fight and recover from illness and injuries
  4. Boost your energy level and overall well-being

1. Advice to eat well

In the present time, almost everyone is aware of the benefits of nutritional therapy. However, most of the times people are not aware of what a nutritional diet is? Here are some tips that can help you eat healthily and stay fit. (See also: Top 7 Most Nutrient-Dense Foods to Add To Your Diet)

  1. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables: To get the advantage of the fibers in the fruits, it is better to eat them instead of taking the juice. Also eat vegetables of all colors, as each of them is rich in some nutrients.
  2. Opt for whole grains: Whole grains are rich in fiber, provide a lot of strength and build up stamina. Add cereals, crackers, etc in your diet.
  3. Go for fat-free or low-fat milk: Dairy is essential, especially if you are vegetarian. However, it also adds calories to your diet. So the solution is to take fat-free milk to get the minerals with minimum calories.
  4. Lean meat is better: If you love meat then go for lean meat. It is high in proteins and has lesser fats and calories.
  5. Seek other protein sources: Meat and poultry are great sources of protein, but they are also high-calorie meals. You can try other better sources of protein like beans, fish, and tofu to complete your diet.

2. Effects of diet therapy

With increasing awareness, medical nutrition therapy (MNT) is gaining popularity as an alternative medical science. People are opting for diet therapy for treating and managing many health issues. Here are some beneficial effects of MNT.

  • Overall health

MNT helps in maintaining good health by managing weight and boosting immunity. It keeps you active and can even provide longer life when combined with proper exercise.

  • Medical treatment

Diet can be of great help in managing certain medical conditions. You can effectively control diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, etc and lead a better quality life.

  • No side-effect

Maintaining diseases with diet has additional benefits as it does not have any side-effect and does not introduce any chemical or other toxins in your body. It is a completely natural way to administer your health.

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