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It was an earlier time when people were healthy and fit. They used to do more physical activities as compared to now. At that time, there was less technology available and that is the reason people used to accomplish their work through more physical activity such as farming, buying grocery through a walk, playing more games at a park and so on.

Now, this is the era of technology and it has taken over most part of the daily routine of the human race. People have become more reliant on technology and want to do less physical activities as most of their daily work is done by the technology. Such lifestyle has made them lazier and they can easily be affected by health issues because the human body is made of cells and if cells are not activated then chances are higher than a body can be contaminated by unwanted diseases very easily.

At earlier days people used to travel a lot and they have not required any form of health insurance card because at that time the food was pure and due to long hours walk their respective bodies were healthy and fit. Now people love to travel a lot as well but instead of a walk, they prefer cars and plains to fulfill their travel purpose. Nowadays. It is very necessary to take EHIC card when to do the traveling. This card is a proof for insured in an EU country. Now the question arises what is EHIC?

EHIC(European Health Insurance Card) is a healthcare document that gives you full access for medical treatment in EEA and 31 EU countries during a temporary stay in EU countries either at free of cost or at low rates.  EHIC card is free of cost.  If you want one, just go to the EHIC website and fill the application form and enjoy the benefits of this card for 5 years.

If your health card is about to expire then you should get E111 card renewal to protect themselves from unwanted health problems during their travel. For renewal, you can apply within 6 months before the expiry date. One more thing, if you have children then there is no need to fill separate application for them. Just fill their names in your application. If you are not used EHIC card or not having it during the abroad trip then in an emergency you can’t refuse to get treated and pay for the treatment upfront and also gives the claim reimbursement when you go home.

This card covers medical treatment for:

  • Daily checkup of maternity care
  • Unexpected illness or accidents
  • A pre-existing medical condition that goes up during the trip which requires complete attention and treatment.

Especially, if you love to travel to the European part then having an appropriate health insurance card is essential for you because it is the policy of every European country to ensure that their citizen and tourists have opted with appropriate health insurance card. At the time of airport check-up if you haven’t got any health insurance card then it may be possible that you may have to face some precarious consequences.

Because at the airport all the immigration authority is instructed that if any tourist is found without appropriate health card or have their health card but haven’t got E111 card renewal then they should not allow such tourist to enter to the boarding part of the airport. So from this, you can estimate that how crucial it is to conclude a valid health card for entry in European countries. (See also: How to Choose the Best Health Insurance)

You can imagine if you don’t carry appropriate health card along with your travel and in case you felt sick then who is available to protect you. And you can imagine that paying heavy bills of health treatment in foreign nations is so difficult task, it is advisory that you should obtain a health insurance card for you and if it has been expired then it’s better to get renew it. It is very important to know that in some European countries you may have to pay for the health treatment which later can be claimed and in others, European countries you may have to pay a half fee and rest is paid by your health insurance.

Some people think that this card replaces travel insurance but that is not true. Both travel insurance and EHIC card are mandatory for traveling abroad. Ehic card is only for medical treatment but travel insurance gives you information about your luggage, delayed or missed departures, legal expenses and abandonment and compensation about your missed flight and luggage. So, travel insurance is as much necessary as EHIC card. So, keep them both before traveling.

From the above-mentioned points, it is clear that there are a lot of benefits of EHIC card and which precarious consequences may face if you don’t have EHIC card. So, when on holiday, keep you and your family members EHIC card with you in all the time because any mishappening may occur. In that case, you might require some medical care abroad. That is why always take your EHIC card with you.

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