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Gynecomastia is an endocrine system disorder where there is the growth of male breast tissue that leads to psychological distress.  The condition starts affecting boys, just hitting puberty because of overactive hormones. Sometimes the condition resolves on their own, the breast fullness subsides and normalizes without any gynecomastia Surgery intervention. But men find it harder to get rid of the condition. This leads to the feeling of low self-esteem and the confidence levels of the person takes for a beating. This makes most men retreat into a shell and they refuse to mingle with their peers fearing they would be subjected to ridicule and jeering.

Many men suffer from enlarged male breasts because of accumulation of fat tissue alone. This condition can be treated by making the right lifestyle changes if that does not resolve it, liposuction comes to the rescue. The gynecomastia surgery involves removal of breast gland tissue and excess fat.

Male breast reduction is a surgery that helps reduce the excessive breast tissue in men and improve the appearance of the chest area giving it a more contoured and masculine look.

Gynecomastia Surgery Consultation

The first step towards getting an improved appearance is finding the right clinic and the right doctor for you. Talking it out with your doctor helps resolve most issues and get rid of the deep-seated fears about surgery. Most clinics offer specialized treatment solutions catering to your individualized requirements. Your doctor will call the shots on the right treatment options, of course, offering you the most minimally-invasive techniques as much as possible.

Know more about the entire process of gynecomastia surgery before and after procedures. Of course, your surgeon will decide whether you are the right candidate for the afore-said surgery and he/she will fill you on the details of the surgery and the benefits and risks attached to the procedure. You will know all the details before you take the plunge.

Gynecomastia Candidates

Adult healthy men, otherwise with perfect health condition suffer from ignominy and embarrassment because of enlarged breast condition. The first criteria to fit the bill of the perfect candidate is that the person should be a non-smoker or even if he smokes he has to quit smoking before he undergoes the procedure. Also, you should have a realistic expectation of a surgery. You should not come out of the clinic that you would look a certain way as soon as you get down from the operation table. Post-surgery the person will have to abide by a certain lifestyle and avoid medications that may trigger off a relapse of breast growth. Also, the man undergoing surgery must keep his weight stable post surgery as well, to avoid any untoward conditions.

Gynecomastia Procedure

Gynecomastia surgery is performed under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis. The procedure usually takes about an hour or two to complete and it all depends on the amount of breast tissue to be removed.

The procedure involves making small incisions in the area and a small semi-circular incision is made in the areola (skin around the nipple) so that all the fatty tissue is removed without leaving behind any major scars or marks. A second surgery is required to tighten the area, this is usually accomplished by making additional incisions around the areola.

Gynecomastia Recovery

This recovery phase is really quick said 1-2 weeks on an average. For that initial recovery phase, patients should stop themselves from indulging in hardcore strenuous exercises and other activities. This would lead to unnecessary complications and hinder healing. A patient is advised to wear a compression garment that aids healing and retract the skin preventing fluid accumulation. You may experience some swelling and bruise in the initial stages which subsequently subsides with time leading to complete recovery within a few months’ time say 6 months.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery – Seek a Consultation

Seek a consultation with your doctor to know every nitty gritty about your upcoming surgery so that you prepare yourself mentally for gynecomastia treatment. Getting acquainted with the clinic and the staff helps you cope better. The first consultation is usually complimentary at all clinics. So, do not be scared of taking up all your queries with your doctor. Once you get to know about the entire procedure you are more at ease and you can go into the surgery with a clear mind and you get exactly what you were told. Post-surgery, continue with the treatment for a year at least and continue to be in active consultation with your doctor, in case you face any complications.

Physically, you will be able to gradually recover from the surgery and mentally you will experience a boost in your confidence levels and fall in love with a brand new you! Gynecomastia surgery is one the safest and best options to get rid of the condition permanently. Try it to get results.

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